Sylvie Tennant is one of our original members of the CSSM Run Club. A busy mother of two young children, she initially got into running when she stopped smoking and picked up the sport to make sure she stayed fit. She started 20 years ago but has been regularly running for 15 of them. With Run Club on hold due to the current restrictions, CSSM podiatrist Alicia Shifferle sat down with Sylvie after one of her CSSM Pilates classes to see how she is keeping motivated during the COVID-19 restrictions.  

Why did you decide to join CSSM Run Club?   

To run in a group as I’ve got no one to run with and also because it means I can run early in the morning as I don’t feel safe running at that time by myself. It’s also good motivation to get out of bed, it’s good peer pressure! It motivates me! And in terms of training I would never do that type of training by myself. I always try and go a little faster than the person next to me, it works for me! It’s also close by, so very convenient 

What did you like about the run club sessions before we had to pause?   

The people and doing things I don’t get to do by myself. The day is always better if it starts with a 6.30am run. The time was perfect, early enough but not too early.  

You’ve been doing Run Pilates as well, did you find that it correlated well with your running?  

Yes I’ve always found that working my core helped with running or with my lower back because I had lower back issues years ago which is why I came to CSSM in the first place. They complement each other well and it’s a bit of a lower impact exercise and more relaxing, sometimes! 

What have you been doing to keep motivated during lockdown?   

Running and Pilates at CSSM. I try to run 2-3 times a week and Pilates once a week. I run 5-6km loops. 

What are your running goals?  

don’t really like crowds so don’t really do fun runs. I’m happy to train for something though and I’ve trained with people who are doing a fun run but I just don’t do the run. After I had kids, my objective was to run 10km again. Once I reached that, I decided that I didn’t really have an objective, rather I just wanted to stay sane! If I don’t run then my mental health takes a hit especially during lockdown. That’s what works for me.   

Do you listen to music or podcasts?  

Neither. I used to listen to music but I don’t now. I’m scared that I wont be able to hear bikes or dogs close by and it can give me a fright. I used to cross a lot of busy roads because I ran around the Tan and it was a bit dangerous to listen to music. So I stopped for safety and never went back.     

Will you be returning to run club once lockdown finishes?   

Yeah, Absolutely!  


CSSM podiatrist Alicia Schifferle’s tips to keeping motivated during lockdown:

  • Find a great podcast to listen to and the time will fly by (not up too loud though!). Try Radio Headspace, 10% happier with Dan Harris, Work Play Love or The Brendan Show.
  • Set a goal and write it down.
  • Share your successes. You may not be able to run in a group at the moment but you can still keep each other accountable.
  • Set a time for your run and stick to it – it’s easy to put it off and find reasons to be too busy but if you put it in your calendar, you’re more likely to do it.
  • Without the school run in the morning and the commute to work, now is a good time to get some extra sleep. Even an extra 30 minutes each night could benefit your running.


CSSM Run Club gathers twice a week for a social run and is suitable for all ages and all running abilities. Whether you are just starting to get into running, are training for a half or full marathon, or just enjoy taking the legs for spin, our group is for you! Run by one of our podiatrists and physiotherapists, our focus during sessions is on building running economy, speed, endurance and overall fitness. Run Club is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 restrictions but we look forward to getting the gang back together as soon as we can!