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Medical Grade Nail Care

Your nails with a professional finish.

With the closure of nail salons due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  It is not only the need to change out of your pyjamas each day that is getting neglected.  It is fair to say that your previously well-maintained cuticles are starting to suffer.


But do not despair! One often overlooked skill of our team of Podiatrists is their special ability to address some of the unsightlier aspects of our feet.


Podiatrists offer skin and nail care as well as addressing all other foot health concerns daily.


So if your normal pedicure is well overdue – You can have your nails and feet expertly tended to by our team of Podiatrists.  University trained health professionals with a clinical interest in foot and nail care.


A medical grade pedicure if you will – a Medi-Pedi

Sterile, Protected Footcare

Have your feet and nails restored to their previous grandeur – secure in the knowledge that all instruments are sterilised to hospital grade standards, and you are being seen in a clean and sanitised environment.  Not only protecting you from COVID infection but also reducing the risk of fungal infection to your feet and nails.  Remember – only podiatrists use sterilised instruments.


During your session you can take comfort in knowing that your podiatrist follows rigorous hygiene standards utilising gloves, mask and gown.  Our clinic is always clean but extra precautions are currently being undertaken currently to minimise any health risk.


Medi-Pedi - What is involved?

A Medi-Pedi includes –


  • Professional removal of old nail polish including shellac.
  • Removal and treatment of calloused hard skin
  • Expert nail cutting and shaping
  • Reapplication of a clear nail polish
  • Removal of corns
  • A detailed full foot health assessment
  • Intensive skin rehydration around the heels
  • A rejuvenating foot massage.

All amounting to professional grade foot care.

Foot Care - Available when you need it.

Appointments can be made daily online through our Online Appointment Portal or alternatively by calling the clinic.


As with all Podiatric services, Your medi-pedi is claimable through your extras cover with your private health insurer. Eligible patients, you can claim your rebate on the spot using our HICAPS system.

Find out more about our Medi-Pedi Service.


Our Medi-Pedi service is provided by our Podiatry team.

Appointments can be made by calling the clinic on 9889 1078.

Alternatively appointments can be requested via our online portal at our website

Book online 7 days a week

Please allow 30 minutes for a Medi-Pedi appointment.  If it is your first visit to CSSM please allow an extra 10 minutes to complete our paperwork.  

Associate PractitionerSenior Practitioner
Initial Consultation or returning patients with a new injury $146.00$168.00
Standard Consultation - up to 30 minutes$116.00$133.00
Long Consultation (2 areas of treatment) - up to 40 minutes$155.00$178.00
Brief Consultation - Basic Nail and Skin Care$83.00$88.00
Double Consultation (3 areas of treatment) - up to 50 minutes$193.00$223.00
Sunday Surcharge: A 15% surcharge applies to Sunday appointments.
Concession Policy: Current Health Card Card holders receive a 10% discount on CSSM’s standard consultation fees.
Cancellation Policy: CSSM requires a minimum of 24 hours notice of an appointment cancellation or rescheduling in order for you to avoid a late cancellation fee. Follow the link for more information on CSSM's cancellation policy

If you have private health insurance these services will qualify for a rebate under your ancillary or extra’s cover. The rebate varies depending on your health insurer and level of cover so check the details of your policy.

Medi-Pedi sessions are generally conducted as part of a foot health plan.  Therefore these sessions are covered under your podiatry allocation within your private health insurance.  Please contact your health insurer to determine your eligibility and level of cover.