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Why the COVID hiatus may make you more susceptible to injury  
October 7, 2021

Two final series cancelled, plenty of interruptions – it is no secret that organised sport has been heavily affected by COVID.   Thankfully, it…

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How psychosocial factors can affect your running
September 21, 2021

When we think about running related injuries, it is easy to think about the obvious contributors; recent increase in training or…

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Your headache isn’t always in your head – part 3
September 15, 2021

In the last of our 3-part blog series, we will talk you through the most common headaches we see at…

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What a headache – part 2
September 6, 2021

We’ve noticed that more and more patients during lockdown are seeking our help with headaches.    In the second of a…

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Lockdown 6 – what a headache
September 1, 2021

Here at CSSM, we think it’s fair to say that lockdown number 6 has been an absolute headache….and apparently so do…

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Australia’s Paralympic campaign begins
August 24, 2021

The Olympic Games in Tokyo have recently wrapped up with Australia finishing with 46 medals, including 17 gold, equaling our previous…

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Three things you should do to beat shin splints
August 18, 2021

With running events featuring in the back half of the year, such as Run Melbourne (unfortunately postponed!) and the Melbourne Marathon, or even…

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Achilles tendon rupture – to surgery or not to surgery, that is the question
August 12, 2021

Australian heart break: If you were like most of Australia glued to the Olympics over the recent weeks, you may have seen Australian steeplechase athlete Genevieve Gregson suffer…

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Climbing up the walls
August 7, 2021

If lockdown has you climbing up the walls – it’s now an official Olympic sport! If “dyno” and “scorpion” don’t mean…

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Why athletes are seeing red spots at the Olympics
August 2, 2021

It’s official: Australia has capped off its best-ever Olympic Games in the pool after the national swim team claimed a record-breaking…

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Andy Murray pulls out of Olympic singles competition: why you shouldn’t ignore muscle niggles 
July 29, 2021

By CSSM Physio Hugh Feary Sad news for tennis fans: reigning Olympic men’s tennis champion Andy Murray has been forced to…

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Olympic injuries: what will the toll be at Tokyo?
July 22, 2021

The Olympics symbolise the ultimate in athletic achievement. Athletes train their entire sporting lives for the chance of winning gold. This…

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