Injury Blog

March 20, 2020

There is a lot of talk about COVID-19 and its implications at the moment, especially surrounding the necessary 14 day self-isolation…

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Home Office Ergonomics
Working From Home – the COVID-19 edition
March 18, 2020

COVID-19 has become a hot topic amongst majority of people at the moment with lots of their worries surrounding the 14…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Control Policy
March 13, 2020

UPDATED 23/03/2020 @ 11:42   With the recent publicity surrounding the outbreak of Coronovirus (COVID-19) we have had several calls from…

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Trail Tips: Gen’s top 5 tricks to complete the Oxfam Trailwalker
March 13, 2020

It’s that time of year again!  On the 27 March, a dedicated bunch will be up early, runners on and setting…

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Falls from ladders a major cause of injury.
Falling For You – Let’s Talk Ladder Safety
March 10, 2020

The arrival of Autumn means that the leaves are about to fall  which also means that there are a whole lot…

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The road to Tokyo
March 2, 2020

A huge congratulations to 2019 @teamCSSM alumni Steven Currie who will be heading to Tokyo after qualifying for the Australian taekwondo…

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Walking Benefits
Walk Out – 10 reasons to just go.
March 2, 2020

Walking is one of the most underrated exercises – it can be done by almost anyone, anywhere and requires no equipment…

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Reisstance Training in Youth
Young Guns – Resistance Training for Junior Athletes
January 9, 2020

In his previous blog post, CSSM Physiotherapist Peter Stath wrote about junior athletes and the potential pitfalls of specialising in one particular sport from…

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Preventing Injury from overtraining
New Year! New Me! New Injury? Avoiding Overuse Injuries
January 6, 2020

So 2019 was great but you want to make 2020 even better!  It is a common theme every time January 1st…

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Sport Specialisation in Junior Athletes
Too Much Too Soon – Finding the Balance for Junior Athletes
December 18, 2019

Sport participation among the youth population is ever-growing. As 2019 slowly comes to an end along with the most recent winter-sport…

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Heel Pain – A Pain In The ……..
November 22, 2019

As we get closer to Summer the halls of CSSM seem to become overrun with patients presenting with heel pain.  For…

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Racing Shoes That Don’t Give You The Blues
October 30, 2019

The spring carnival is well and truly upon us and the fashions on the field are always a key focus of…

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