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Getting triathlon ready with TeamCSSM’s Shai O’Brien
May 18, 2022

Hi everyone, my name is Shai and I have been fortunate enough to be selected as a Team CSSM athlete for…

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How to avoid the top three working-from-home injuries 
April 22, 2022

Chances are over the last couple of years, most of us have worked from home in some capacity and it looks…

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The role of the brain in pain
April 4, 2022

One of the most common reasons people present to healthcare is because they are in pain. Whether it’s an ache in…

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Why you shouldn’t underestimate an ankle sprain 
March 29, 2022

Photo: Western Bulldogs Western Bulldogs fans will have likely witnessed Marcus Bontempelli suffering an ankle sprain in round one of the…

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Hip and groin pain in soccer players
March 14, 2022

Soccer season is here! In this week’s blog, we look at one of the most common areas for injury in soccer…

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Sarah Gigante Diaries – Pilates power and lessons of resilience!
February 18, 2022

We have been privileged over the past year to be a part of #teamCSSM athlete Sarah Gigante’s journey – from broken…

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Returning to sport post covid
February 7, 2022

With Victoria’s case numbers of COVID-19 still so high, many of us will have either contracted it ourselves or know someone…

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AO: Medical Time Out
January 26, 2022

If you’re like us, the hot summer nights have been spent watching the world’s best tennis players in the Australian Open….

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What’s the pointe? Why a pre-pointe assessment is crucial for a young dancer
January 20, 2022

Getting that first pair of pointe shoes is a momentous occasion in a young dancer’s career! Did you know when dancing…

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Happy Feet: how to choose the right school shoes
January 13, 2022

With Christmas and New Year over it’s hard to believe that it’s soon time to get ready for the new school…

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TMJ – the small joint that causes big pain
November 29, 2021

November is TMJ awareness month – a common but not well understood condition. It’s estimated up to 60-70% of patients will…

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Running gait analysis: why running is a complex skill
November 3, 2021

Running is actually quite a complex skill. If you want to get better at basketball or netball, the most logical thing…

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