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Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Experienced Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation from Surgery

Many of our patients utilise CSSM’s services to avoid or delay surgery however for some, the best outcome means that sometimes surgery is the only solution.

The team at CSSM work closely with many of Melbourne’s leading surgeons to manage the rehabilitation process both pre and post surgery

Whether it be a

  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Reconstructive surgery including Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), shoulder and ankle surgeries
  • Joint replacement including hip, knee and shoulder replacements
  • Spinal surgery including discectomy or fixation following fracture

rehabilitation is an important (but often neglected) part of maximizing the benefits from surgery.

CSSM’s team are able to provide a comprehensive approach to your surgery, allowing you to recover from surgery as quickly as possible with measurable outcomes. Whether the goal be a return to sport, return to work, or just walking the dog.


What is pre & post-surgery care?

Pre-surgery care involves the physical preparation and education of the patient for prior to surgery.  Post-surgery care is aimed at preventing any post-surgical complications, regaining maximal function, and doing so maximising the speed of recovery.


Surgery Rehab - What is Involved?

Preparation for surgery is commenced well before the operation, allowing adequate groundwork to be laid down to ensure the best possible outcomes. Your appointment(s) will include:

  •  A comprehensive explanation of the surgery and what it involves.
  • Appropriate pre -op exercises to help ensure a speedy rehabilitation process.
  • What to expect post-surgery, an overview of what exercises need to be carried out immediately post-op, and what equipment may be required upon discharge.
  • Clear details of the expected prognosis, time-frames, and a plan for treatment.


Post-surgical care is centered on restoring function. Your appointment(s) will include:

  •  A comprehensive assessment including pain, stiffness, muscle spasm, swelling, and
  • Implementation of strategies to manage pain and loss of function.


Implementation of treatment and an exercise based management program, depending on your surgical procedure, may include some or all of the following:

  • Soft tissue, massage, other hands on techniques.
  • Individual or group based Pilates program.
  • Home or self-management strategies.
  • Graduated exercise prescription.
  • Sport-specific rehabilitation.


We understand that working as part of a team improves patient outcomes and with that in mind, ongoing correspondence with your GP and surgeon are naturally part of our service.

Hear our team talk about our post -surgical care service at CSSM.

FAQ - CSSM's post surgical care services.


Our Osteopathy and Physiotherapy practitioners are experts in providing both pre and post-surgical care.
Appointments can be made 7 days a week at CSSM by calling the clinic on 03 9889 1078. Alternatively appointments can be made via our online portal at our website

Book online 7 days a week

A comprehensive pre-surgical check can take between 30 – 40 minutes for the first appointment. Depending on the nature of the surgery, your treating practitioner will discuss specific time-frames to achieve full recovery.

Bring any scans, correspondence, and post-operative orders from the surgeon with you to your appointment.

It is best to wear loose comfortable clothing that enables clear assessment and access to the injured body part(s). Shorts are preferred for lower limb issues. Females should wear a singlet top or sports bra for neck and shoulder issues.

Not at all.  While GP’s and surgeon’s seeking the best care for their patients often refer patients to see our team, a referral is not necessary.  We will make contact with your surgeon to get the detail that we require.  Of course the more information we have from you the better.  So bring all of your documentation with you to your appointment if you can.

Depending on your level of cover our treatment is covered under the ancillary or extras cover of most major health insurers.
Camberwell Sports & Spinal Medicine is able to offer “on the spot” rebates via HICAPS.

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