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Orthotics are shoe inserts that are prescribed by a Podiatrist to assist in managing lower limb conditions. They can be 3D printed, manufactured from hard plastic (polypropylene), carbon fibre or with EVA rubber materials. As they are made to be worn inside footwear and change the position of the foot it’s important they are fitted by a professional. The Podiatrist will undertake a comprehensive biomechanical or running gait assessment to prescribe the most appropriate orthotic for your condition.

Do I need orthotics?
The symptoms of poor foot mechanics can include any one of the following:

  • Localized foot pain
  • Bunions and hammer toes
  • Arch and heel pain
  • Leg and knee pain
  • Hip or back pain


Orthotics have the ability to increase your body’s ability to absorb shock, change the way in which it absorbs shock and therefore decrease stress on specific tissues. They can be used very efficiently to reduce stress on injured or overloaded
tissues.  So sufferers of these conditions should discuss the potential of orthotics with their podiatrist.

Orthotics will not suitable for everyone however and when used incorrectly, orthotics can increase forces in some areas and may increase the risk of injury. So orthotics should only be used under the guidance of your podiatrist.

Types of Orthotics.

Customised Orthotics – This type of orthotic is manufactured using a cast of your foot. This means that the orthotic will be tailor made for your needs. This type of device is necessary for those with problems that cannot be corrected by the
limited force that an off the shelf device offers. The types of orthotic used will depend on what condition it is designed to treat
and also the type of shoe it will be worn. Orthotics will vary in the shape, size and composition. With orthotics being constructed soft foam (EVA), harder plastic (Polypropylene) or even carbon fibre.

Our orthotics are 3D printed at the laboratory which not only provides a superior product, but is significantly more environmentally friendly compared to traditional polypropylene devices.

All of  our custom orthotics come with free review appointments to ensure they are providing the correct support to your daily program.

Generic – These orthotics are premade orthotics that use a generic foot type to design the orthotic shell. These are great for children or adults who have a foot type that can be corrected with a lower amount of force than would be used in a
custom device.


How Long Will a Foot Orthotic Last?

The effective life of an orthotic will depend on a range of factors including construction of the orthotic, the wearers activity levels, age and changing needs. An orthotic does need maintenance and will need a re-cover periodically.  However, as long it meets the wearer’s needs for support, biomechanical correction and pressure redistribution it does not need to be replaced. With this in mind if your symptoms do start returning it is a good idea to have your orthotic reviewed to ensure that it meets your ongoing needs.

FAQ - Orthotics


Looking for immediate care? Whilst individual practitioner availability does vary, in most instances we should be able to arrange an appointment with one of our podiatrists for the same day, certainly within 24 hours. Please phone Camberwell Sports & Spinal Medicine on (03) 9889 1078 or alternatively you can Make an Appointment online.  Camberwell Sports & Spinal Medicine ins open 7 days a week (closed public holidays).

Cancellation Policy

CSSM requires a minimum of 24 hours notice of an appointment cancellation or rescheduling in order for you to avoid a late cancellation fee of $55.00

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Do I need a referral from a GP or other health professional to get orthotics?

Whilst GPs and specialists seeking the best advice often refer their patients to a Podiatrist for foot and leg care however, referrals are not usually  necessary.

If the cost of treatment is to be claimed through a third party such as NDIS, TAC, WorkCover or the Department of Veteran’s Affairs then a referral may be required.

For a Podiatry consultation simply make an appointment with Camberwell Sports and Spinal Medicine directly by calling 9889 1078.

Alternatively you can make an apppointment via our Online web portal.

Depending on type of Orthotic being fitted, the process may take one appointment or 2-3 appointments.  For custom orthotics the process usually takes up to three appointments.  A ‘casting’ session where the appropriate measurements are made, an appointment where the orthotic is issued, and a follow up appointment to make any fine tuning to the Orthotic.

At the time of your consultation, your podiatrist will outline the expected course of treatment and management.

All of these appointments are included in the price of the orthotic.

Shorts or leggings are best to allow us to perform relevant assessments, and for us to be able to clearly see and analyse
your running technique.
Please bring in runners (old and new), as well as any other shoes you may use for different sports (e.g. football boots, netball shoes etc.). Please feel free to bring along any other shoes that you feel may be relevant to your assessment.

The price of orthotics varies depending on which type you choose.  The non-custom are the cheapest and are often prescribed for a temporary condition or growing children.  Semi-custom orthotics tend to be more durable than the non-custom type.  They come with the added bonus of being able to choose which top covers (cushioning layer) you like.

Custom orthotics are the most expensive due to the laborious nature of the manufacturing process.  We use a laser scanner to generate foot impressions and a start-of the-art lab based here in Melbourne creates the orthotics using a 3D printer.  The new products are environmentally friendly, flexible and durable.

Custom orthoticsTotal Price: $880

This includes three consultations with price breakdown as follows:

Initial consultation $305 - Consult fee, visual gait analysis, two impressions and castings.

Pick-up consultation $492 - Consult fee, orthosis collection and fitting.

Follow-up consultation $83 - Brief consult fee.
Semi-custom orthoticsTotal Price: $541

This includes two consultations with price breakdown as follows:

Initial consultation $425 - Consult fee and orthosis.

Pick-up consultation $116 - Consult fee and orthosis fitting.
Non-custom orthoticsTotal Price: $215

This includes the cost for the consultation at $116 and the non-custom orthosis at $99.

Podiatry treatment is covered under the ancillary or extras cover of most major health insurers.  As part of this cover one pair of Orthotics can be claim each year , for each family member.

As always, please contact your insurer to confirm whether your level of cover includes these benefits.

Camberwell Sports and Spinal Medicine is able to offer ‘on the spot’ rebates via HICAPS. The rebate varies depending on your health insurer and level of cover so check the details of your policy.

Temporary or non-custom orthotics often have a life-span of approximately twelve months.  This will vary from person to person depending on how active a person is, what sport they play and whether they have a job which requires them to walk or stand for long periods.

Custom orthotics usually last for five to ten years but again this varies depending on a person’s activity and the number of kilometres they do.  Custom orthotics can be rejuvenated with new top covers or posts as required to increase the life-span of the devices.

If your condition meets certain requirements and you have a vaild referral from your Doctor, Medicare may offer limited rebates for Podiatry treatment. In the instance that you suffer from a chronic condition, your GP can refer you to an Allied Health Professional, such as a Podiatrist, for up to five sessions each calendar year. Not all conditions qualify for this program and there will still be an out of pocket expense for these services. For more information talk to your Doctor and ask them about your eligibility for a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan prior to making an appointment with CSSM.

Children can effectively start wearing orthotics as soon as they start walking and wearing shoes although most commonly problems are often detected around school age.  Sometimes treating very young children can eliminate the need for longer term or ongoing treatment when a person is older.  Parents who are uncertain whether treatment is required are  recommended to see a podiatrist for a paediatric and gait assessment.  At CSSM we love treating kids and are passionate about getting children right so they can play and participate in sport and school without being excluded.


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