Clinical Pilates

Making best use of all of the resources in our Pilates studio, including reformers, trapeze, wunda chair and suspension training equipment, Clinical Pilates is focused on maintaining and improving current function and ability and helping to prevent the recurrence of previous injuries.

CSSM Clinical Pilates classes are led by our qualified health practitioners who have expert knowledge and extensive clinical experience in exercise prescription and injury rehabilitation.

Our approach to Clinical Pilates has its foundations in science, anatomy, physiology and biomechanics but stays true to the principles and philosophy of The Pilates Method as developed by Joseph Pilates. Improving strength, mobility and posture for optimal movement.  A great option for those that want to exercise utilising the Pilates principles to recover from injury, prevent future injury or improve their lifestyle and performance.

Tailored exercise with experienced Health Professionals.

At CSSM, you will be provided with an individually tailored Clinical Pilates program with targeted exercises to address any areas of concern, meaning your program can be as challenging or as pared back as it needs to be – your goals are our goals.

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise that focuses on improving the control, strength and function of the musculoskeletal system using a unique set of exercises. Perhaps the greatest benefit of Pilates is the ability to train the deeper muscles surrounding each of the joints. It is these muscles that are often weak and predisposed to injury without specific training to  improve joint stability and control movement.

How do we measure results?

  • Improved posture
  • Decreased occurrence of re-injury
  • Increased range of motion with greater muscle flexibility
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Heightened body awareness
  • Increased core strength and stability
  • Improved balance and co-ordination
  • A better sense of wellbeing

Who does Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is an ideal form of exercise for all levels of fitness and ability.  For some, the aim is to build strength and increase flexibility making it useful during pregnancy, others want to maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis.  We have even had Olympic athletes as part of our program, using Clinical Pilates to improve their sporting performance and prevent injury and pain.


Our clients use Clinical Pilates for:

  • Rehabilitation after injury.
  • Performance improvements on the sporting field.
  • Reduction of flare ups of past injuries by improving their strength and conditioning.
  • Pre and post hip and knee replacements.
  • Chronic diseases like arthritis, neuropathy and MS.
  • Pre and post natal care.
  • Disc herniation.
  • Post spinal surgery.
  • Relief from the aches and pains of everyday life.

Who are the Pilates Instructors at CSSM?

The CSSM Pilates Team are university qualified health practitioners trained in advanced Pilates and movement exercise with a focus on injury rehabilitation and prevention, as well as muscular strength and conditioning. Possessing an industry leading combination of clinical knowledge and experience, our team  deliver a personalised approach to help every client reach their goals.

Your Clinical Pilates instructor will design a personalised program that will continue to be modified and progressed to meet your goals and individual needs.  They will teach and guide you through a series of movements, ensuring that each movement is being performed safely and accurately.

Improvements are best gained by an ongoing and progressive exercise program. Our instructors can also advise you on how to improve and maintain your muscular control on a daily basis through the use of exercises which can be done at home with little to no equipment.

What is the difference between Clinical Pilates and the PIER program?

Clinical Pilates in comparison is exercise rehabilitation that has a large focus on the traditional Pilates principles.  It is a good option for those who are wanting to maintain their conditioning or reduce flare ups of past or existing injuries. Clinical Exercise done differently – Clinical Pilates draws on the full spectrum of Pilates exercise. Clinical Pilates classes are conducted by our experienced Pilates instructors and have a maximum 4:1 practitioner ratio.

PIER, in comparison, is conducted under the instruction of a Physiotherapist and has a specific injury rehabilitation focus.  PIER uses clinical exercise in a functional goal-driven program that may use Pilates equipment but doesn’t necessarily follow the traditional Joseph Pilates principles.

It is the injury rehabilitation focus that make PIER sessions claimable through your Private Health Insurance.

Our Facilities?

Camberwell Sports and Spinal Medicine is Camberwell’s leading health clinic with over 450 square metres dedicated to your recovery.

In keeping with our goal to provide the most up-to-date treatment possible, the practice is constantly striving to improve our clinic facilities and enhance our patient experience.

Our purpose-built clinic includes:

  • Nine private consultation rooms (not curtained off areas) with disabled access.
  • CSSM’s biomechanical analysis and injury rehabilitation studio.  The home to some of the most advanced assessment tools available including video movement analysis.  Featuring:
    • A fully equipped Rehabilitation Gym including the latest in functional training equipment.
    • A Pilates Studio complete with beautiful Allegro reformers, Wunda chair and trapeze table
    • Electrotherapy including Real Time Ultrasound to assess core muscle function.


A combination of world-class facilities with an experienced and skilled team ensuring the highest levels of care.  That is CSSM.

How do I get started with Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates sessions are conducted in a small group / semi-private setting. Prior to attending a Clinical Pilates class, you must first complete a Clinical Pilates starter pack. This involves an initial assessment followed by two private one-on-one Pilates session to design and implement your personalised program. Starter packs can be purchased here. Your initial assessment can be arranged by calling the clinic reception on 9889 1078.

Before booking your assessment we recommend reviewing our Clinical Pilates timetable and where possible, booking your initial assessment with the instructor whose classes fit your availability or class preferences.

The benefits of Clinical Pilates is that your session is tailored to your needs.  Whether you need to stretch your neck after a long day sitting at your desk or are training for a marathon – experience the CSSM difference.

Monday8:00amClinical PilatesKim Van Hoorn
Monday10:00amClinical PilatesKim Van Hoorn
Tuesday7:30amClinical PilatesJade Hunt
Tuesday9:30amClinical PilatesKim Van Hoorn
Wednesday10:00amClinical PilatesAdele Agius
Wednesday6:30pmClinical PilatesGrace Rutter
Thursday9:10amClinical PilatesAdele Agius
Thursday5:00pmClinical PilatesJade Hunt
Thursday7:40pmClinical PilatesJade Hunt
Friday8:10amClinical PilatesKim Van Hoorn
Friday1:00pmClinical PilatesKim Van Hoorn
Saturday10:30amClinical PilatesGrace Rutter
Sunday10:00amClinical PilatesJade Hunt
Clinical Pilates Starter Pack3 x 1 on 1 Private sessions$331Buy Now
Single ClassExpires 1 month after sale date$54Buy now
5 Class PackExpires 2 months after the first visit$248 save $22Buy Now
10 Class PackExpires 4 months after the first visit$424 save $116Buy Now
25 Class packExpires 12 months after the first visit$985 save $365Buy Now
Prices effective 1st July 2023.



Session 1 – Initial Assessment


During your initial assessment your instructor will:

  • Take a thorough history to gain an understanding of your condition and circumstances that have led you to start your Pilates program.
  • Assess your posture and movement to identify areas to be targeted.
  • Devise an exercise plan. Client involvement in treatment and rehabilitation choices is encouraged and involves education about your body and what you can do to gain maximum benefit from your sessions.

Throughout your initial assessment you will also learn basic Pilates concepts and exercises which will be reinforced when you book into your group class.


Session 2 – Orientation to Pilates


A One:One session with a focus on Orientation to Pilates.

This is a private session and this is where we start rolling out your program  Taking you through from your warmup and into your specific program and warm down.  This private session covers the safe use of the Pilates equipment and gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need, to assist with building your confidence.


Session 3 – Transition into semi-private sessions.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move and stretch fully. Please avoid overly baggy clothing as your instructors need to see how your body is positioned and moving.  Something along the lines of a singlet and shorts is ideal. CSSM requires participants to wear grip socks when using Pilates equipment.  These can be purchased from reception if required.  Appropriate footwear may be required for other equipment.

For your comfort always bring a water bottle and towel when attending your sessions.

In most instances, Clinical Pilates will not be covered. For health insurers that do cover Pilates as

part of their Wellness packages, the rebate from your health fund will vary depending on your

particular insurer and level of cover.  So it is best to check the details of your policy with your fund


Due to the nature of these classes, pre-payment for all sessions is required. You can purchase and book classes CSSM online portal on our website. Once you have completed your initial assessment, you can then choose to purchase single classes or more economical multi-class packs. Just go to and follow the links.

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