While working in the fitness industry and looking to further his career, Eliot Hird found osteopathy was an obvious next step.  “I saw quite a few people with injuries throughout my time working in the fitness industry and those who regularly saw osteos as part of their injury management or regular routine were usually able to achieve their fitness and health goals.”


Eliot enjoys treating neck and shoulder issues as well as sporting injuries and the rehabilitation of those injuries, helping people get back to their sport or hobbies.

“I like treating issues with the neck because I often see a great response to treatment,” he says.

“Shoulders are interesting because they are a complex joint with many common presenting complaints.  I like the complex problem-solving aspect of these issues.”


Eliot believes everyone should be able to participate in the sport or activity that they enjoy and finds being able to help a patient get back to the activities that they enjoy through injury management or education is one of the more rewarding aspects of being a health professional.


“I want to be the osteo that people seek out when they have specific issues and one that people recommend to their family and friends when they are looking for treatment of their musculoskeletal injuries.”


Eliot enjoys being part of a team of health care professionals all working towards a common goal.

“The CSSM facilities have everything needed to provide patients the best quality care possible.”


Away from the clinic, Eliot enjoys training in the gym doing a mix of strength training, CrossFit and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. On the weekends, you’ll find this Essendon fan watching AFL and the UFC.