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Our Team

‘It's our level of care that sets us apart’ - Lisa Thomson, Senior Partner

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PAula ALarcon Podiatrist Camberwell
  • Paula AlarconPodiatrist


    CSSM Podiatrist Paula Alarcon become interested in Podiatry after an ACL reconstruction. “I visited a Podiatrist who helped me stabilise my knee after I had noticed the changes that orthotics made in my running cycle when I went back into sports.”


    “I have always led an active lifestyle and grew up with sports and dancing, interested on how the body moves and my passion of wanting to help people.”


    Paula’s sporting background has provided her with a particular interest in the recovery and management of foot and ankle injuries.

    “Our feet are what keep us moving every day, they are the wheels in our daily journey, and they work very hard all year around. Therefore, prevention and proper management of foot problems are essential for our mobility, comfort and health.”

    Joining CSSM, Paula says she enjoys being able to work with a great variety of health professionals allowing patients to have a more holistic approach as well as contributing to her own learning process by exchanging opinions and ideas from other practitioners.

    While Paula believes Podiatry enables her to choose her own pathway from rehabilitation of the foot and ankle, biomechanics, running gait analysis to skin conditions, she hopes to specialise in the rehabilitation of injuries and sports Podiatry.

    A true believer that movement is medicine, Paula is an elite Ultimate Frisbee player having participated in the under 24’s championships world cup with the Colombian team in 2018 held in Perth and the under 24’s Australian team in 2019 held in Heidelberg, Germany. Away from the clinic you will likely find Paula training with her Ultimate frisbee team called Spicy Chilly!

    If she has any time left, Paula also enjoys going for hikes on the weekends or going to the beach as well as Salsa dancing thanks to her Latino background.

  • Andrew TsakmakisPodiatrist

    Andrew has always had an interest in the lower limb anatomy of the foot and ankle. “Our feet are the foundation of our entire body, so keeping them healthy and functional is vital to our overall health.”


    While enjoying all aspects of podiatry, Andrew has a keen interest in sports and biomechanical assessments and the specialised biomechanics gait analysis.

    “I like that you can specialise in any area of choice from podiatrics, sports-medicine to biomechanics and musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation throug to care for the ageing population to improve people’s quality of life.”


    In the clinic, Andrew often sees years of overuse, tight-fitting shoes and even genetics leading to injuries and disorders that can significantly impact day-to-day life.

    “Aside from some foot issues becoming incredibly painful, they can also make you more susceptible to other injuries.  It alters your body’s natural biomechanics resulting in compensations that can lead to ankle, hip and lower back issues. Take a little time each week to check and take care of your feet will make a difference in the long term and reduces the risk of developing something serious in the future.”


    Andrew uses a range of techniques and the most up to date technology to treat his patients. “I have a keen interest in sports and biomechanical assessments, and the specialised biomechanics gait analysis software located at CSSM definitely caught my attention. Being surrounded by experienced practitioners from all disciplines will also allow me to gain further knowledge and bounce ideas off others.”


    When he’s not working, you’ll find Andrew at the gym, at a Collingwood match, playing basketball or enjoying a music event with friends.

Vaughan Ackland
  • Vaughan AcklandSenior Podiatrist

    Educated at the University of South Australia, Vaughan has gained a wide range of clinical experiences since completing his studies and moving to Melbourne in 1998. Sporting and family commitments helped to shape his core range of clinical interests.
    Originally drawn to Podiatry after having his own knee pain cured by orthotic management, Vaughan values how much more enjoyment can be gained from sports when you have no pain associated with playing them. Likewise through watching his three children’s development, Vaughan is determined to minimise any pain associated within childhood development.

    Vaughan’s philosophy regarding treatment is to address the cause of the pain biomechanically, and instill a treatment plan that will enhance every patient’s enjoyment of life’s endeavours.