Our team

Our Team

‘It's our level of care that sets us apart’ - Lisa Thomson, Senior Partner

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Myotherapist Camberwell Monique mack
  • Monique MackMyotherapist

    An enthusiastic sportsperson, she played soccer for 16years at premier league division as a goal keeper but has now traded in her gloves for her love of Pilates. As a nationally qualified Myotherapist, Remedial Massage Therapist and Pilates instructor; Monique understands the importance of both injury prevention and rehabilitation from a practitioner and patient point of view. Combining assessment with evidence based treatment plans to strengthen the body using exercises, Monique is able to formulate the right approach to overcome a range of ailments including acute injuries, chronic pain management and general maintenance.

    Monique also understands that treatment doesn’t have to be about ‘no pain no gain’; massage doesn’t have to be painful to work well, therefore she also uses other methods including cupping, dry needling and mobilisations to help get her clients to where they need to be.

    Monique has a special interest in the management and rehabilitation of hypermobility, chronic pain and pelvic dysfunctions. She enjoys treating clients of all ages and athletic ability and loves elite athletes, weekend warriors and kids who are honing their skills on the way to elite level performance.

    Clinical Pilates is one of Monique secret weapons to help all her clients return to their activities of daily living and return to sport.

    She is also passionate about furthering her studies, and is currently undertaking her bachelor in exercise sports science at Deakin so as to be able to continue to help people no matter what their ailment, injury or stress.

    When not working, Monique likes to hone her Pilates skills, spend time with her long fur child Hugo (the dachshund) and continues to work with a Premier league men’s soccer team as a sports trainer and strength and conditioning coach.

Strength and Conditioning Physiotherapist Peter Stath
  • Peter StathPhysiotherapist

    As a physiotherapist, Peter relishes the opportunity to help his clients return to the things that mean the most to them, whether that’s sport, work or family. “A strong and healthy body maintains a healthy mind, which allows us to perform and work to the best of our ability.”

    Peter is a strength and conditioning enthusiast with a unique understanding of the demands of high level competition and performance.  Having previously worked within the National Premier League Victoria (soccer) as well as part of the medical team for Futsal Victoria at their National Championships, he has a passion for treating all aspects of musculoskeletal or sporting pain with a particular interest in shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.

    He is also a great advocate for the involvement of children and adolescents in sport, helping them develop healthy habits as they grow.

    “It’s so important to stay at the forefront of the industry in terms of latest techniques, advancements, patient care and rehabilitation and use this information to continue to play a key role in patients’ recovery.”

    Peter has valuable experience in pre- and post-operative care and has developed expertise in using Clinical Pilates to facilitate optimal recovery and performance.

    “The challenge of pre and post-surgery and the journey between physiotherapist and patient to integrate them back into daily activity or sport in an even better condition than before their injury is what drives me.”

    Whether it’s an acute injury or simply wanting to optimise performance, Peter has the expertise to diagnose and prescribe a program to get you back on track to achieving your goals. His unique combination of physiotherapy and high level coaching skills is a valuable asset in both the prevention and rehabilitation of injury – particularly in the areas of sports performance in the younger athlete.

    Away from CSSM, Peter has developed a keen interest in golf, enjoys attending sports events, training in the gym and keeping up with the latest research and advancements within the physiotherapy industry.

  • Kim Van HoornPilates Instructor

    Senior Pilates Instructor

    After 15 years of intensive dance training and working as on osteopath, Kim was looking for a pro-active way to help people manage their conditions.   “Pilates was the perfect fit.”

    Rather than “treat” conditions, Kim says Pilates improves movement and helps to relieve pain.  “I work to help people overcome their back and neck pain, manage restrictions with arthritis, rehabilitate joint injuries,  improve balance, build strength and increase bone mass in osteoporosis.  I also love keeping people strong throughout their pregnancies and beyond.”

    According to Kim, clients are surprised at how easily a problem area can be identified. “We have elite athletes coming in who are very strong and fit but have pain or an injury. We can find a muscle not doing its job properly and they are surprised at how quickly that muscle tires and how we can progress exercises to keep Pilates continually challenging.”

    “I love that my clients are very pro-active leading to great, long term results.  There is a huge variety in the people and conditions I see, keeping each class interesting.  I also love getting to know people and hearing about their lives.”

    Kim has first-hand knowledge in the role pilates can play in pre and post-natal health but also has extensive experience treating and rehabilitating AFL and dance injuries.

    Away from the clinic, Kim enjoys spending time with her three boys and getting involved in sports, activities, camping, and bushwalking.  She also loves walking her dogs.

Camberwell Pilates Jennie Carson
  • Jennie CarsonPilates Instructor

    For Jennie, Pilates was an exercise passion that sparked a new career. “Pilates was the only exercise regime I have ever been totally committed to, enjoyed enormously and felt motivated by every class I attended. I started to consider how amazing it would be to learn more about the practice and actually be the person teaching people.”

    Moving to Melbourne from Liverpool in the UK, Jennie immersed herself into a new lifestyle and new career.

    “I don’t just like Pilates, I absolutely LOVE it. Pilates is a lifestyle that you create for yourself. I love that a person who is doing their first class and someone who is at an advanced level can join in the class together as the movements can be regressed and progressed to accommodate for people’s fitness and comfort levels. I love that we move our bodies through all planes of movement and get the spine moving.”

    As Joseph Pilates himself said, “you are only as young as your spine is flexible.”

    At CSSM, Jennie works with clients to program exercises that can assist with rehabilitation. “I believe that Pilates is a great way to help prevent injuries, assist to increase performance in other sports/dance etc and day to day life movement. Just getting the body moving is beneficial for everyone.”

    Jennie says clients are often surprised that small movements can really get the muscles working. “Comments like ‘it looks so easy but actually it’s hard do,’ get spoken quite often. I think also the mind-body connection with Pilates can surprise people in the way they feel energised even after working hard in the session. Often, people feel balance can be challenging when actually this is something so important to keep practicing as we age. Clients are surprised that with practice, how much stronger they get, how much they have progressed –  those little achievements and milestones along the way are wonderful to see.”

    Jennie says the sense of community at CSSM engages both staff and clients. “We are forever learning as Pilates instructors’ and to have other professionals here to bounce ideas off and brainstorm with is very fortunate. I love that all staff jump into classes and can provide me with constructive feedback and be guinea pigs for any new ideas I come up with!”

    When she’s not putting her clients through their paces, Jennie enjoys spending time with her husband and friends which usually means a wine or two! Travelling and visiting restaurants is also top of the list for this new Melbournian. “We are spoilt rotten for choice in Melbourne and I could quite happily eat my way through the city and beyond!”