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Our Team

‘It's our level of care that sets us apart’ - Lisa Thomson, Senior Partner

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Myotherapist Camberwell Monique mack
  • Monique MackMyotherapist

    An enthusiastic sportsperson, she played soccer for 16years at premier league division as a goal keeper but has now traded in her gloves for her love of Pilates. As a nationally qualified Myotherapist, Remedial Massage Therapist and Pilates instructor; Monique understands the importance of both injury prevention and rehabilitation from a practitioner and patient point of view. Combining assessment with evidence based treatment plans to strengthen the body using exercises, Monique is able to formulate the right approach to overcome a range of ailments including acute injuries, chronic pain management and general maintenance.

    Monique also understands that treatment doesn’t have to be about ‘no pain no gain’; massage doesn’t have to be painful to work well, therefore she also uses other methods including cupping, dry needling and mobilisations to help get her clients to where they need to be.

    Monique has a special interest in the management and rehabilitation of hypermobility, chronic pain and pelvic dysfunctions. She enjoys treating clients of all ages and athletic ability and loves elite athletes, weekend warriors and kids who are honing their skills on the way to elite level performance.

    Clinical Pilates is one of Monique secret weapons to help all her clients return to their activities of daily living and return to sport.

    She is also passionate about furthering her studies, and is currently undertaking her bachelor in exercise sports science at Deakin so as to be able to continue to help people no matter what their ailment, injury or stress.

    When not working, Monique likes to hone her Pilates skills, spend time with her long fur child Hugo (the dachshund) and continues to work with a Premier league men’s soccer team as a sports trainer and strength and conditioning coach.

Kelsey Thomas Remedial Therapist and Myotherapist Camberwell
  • Kelsey ThomasMyotherapist

    Myotherapist & Remedial Massage

    17 years of dance training, 12 years of tennis and 7 years of competitive rock climbing fuelled Kelsey’s interest in sport and associated injuries. “I’d always been interested in health and fitness and Myotherapy was a great transition from Personal Training into the treatment and rehabilitation of a lot of the issues I saw in the gym. It came with a stronger understanding of the human body.”

    While sport is her passion, Kelsey believes that creating solid foundations of strength and rehabilitation are key components in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whether you work in an office or as an elite athlete. “Having participated in a fair few sports over the years it’s given me a better understanding of the demands the body can be put through, the movements required to succeed and the difficult task of taking time away from the sport you love when injured.”

    Kelsey employs a hands-on approach when treating muscular pains and joint dysfunction, complementing treatment outcomes with modalities such as cupping, dry needling, trigger point therapy, and taping. “Shoulder joint issues really fascinate me because they can be unpredictable and complex. I really enjoy the process of breaking down why the injury has occurred in the first place and rehabilitating the joint structures.”

    Kelsey believes we never stop learning and is currently studying physiotherapy. “I’m keen to incorporate my myotherapy knowledge into what I’m learning as a student physiotherapist. I don’t want to abandon my myotherapy roots, but use them to better my outlook and understanding of treatment and rehabilitation.”

    Away from work, Kelsey is an avid participator in rock climbing and has competed in both state and national events. “I can also be a great couch potato when I need some down time and enjoy meeting up with friends.”

Julien Devin Myotherapist and Remedial MAssage
  • Julien DevinMyotherapist

    Myotherapist & Remedial Massage

    After growing up in France, it wasn’t until Julien moved to Australia that he discovered myotherapy. He was drawn to myotherapy for its hands-on approach to the treatment of muscular conditions and its focus on injury prevention. “I felt it was a great way to help people to get better, to return to the lifestyle they want.”

    Julien sees many different types of injuries ranging from neck and lower back pain to chronic conditions and acute injuries. He focuses on working together to find techniques specific for each individual to maintain positive habits and feel in control of their bodies once more.

    “I’m particularly interested in the relationship between posture and neck conditions leading to headaches. I also like working on the hip. The kicking motion involving the hip flexors particularly intrigues me.”

    Despite having worked with elite athletes such as the Melbourne United Basketball Team, Julien’s interests go beyond the sporting field. He is interested in promoting the sensible ergonomic and postural habits that affect our everyday activities. “I hope to continue and find new ways to make a difference to my patients’ lives.”

    When he’s not at work, Julien enjoys watching movies, going to concerts with his partner and long walks with his Scottish terrier Aunt Agatha. “After living most of my life in Paris, I love how much space we have here!”

    He also enjoys playing soccer and follows Paris Saint Germaine. The CSSM team is doing their best to influence Julien’s AFL team selection!