Our team

Our Team

‘It's our level of care that sets us apart’ - Lisa Thomson, Senior Partner

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Myotherapist James Sussman
  • James SussmanMyotherapist


    James has always been interested in how the body works, sport and strength training. For James who has worked as a personal trainer for several years – Myotherapy was the perfect progression.   


    “I saw how injuries and pain impacted myself and others, from this I began to appreciate how important recovery and injury management was. I wanted better understanding of health and to be able to have a direct impact on the outcome of peoples recovery and their health. This went hand in hand with my interest in mechanics of movement, how systems in the body work and the best way to find solutions” 

    “Acute conditions can be stressful because of how suddenly they impact daily life and how disruptive this can be. When these are assessed they can be managed through treatment and goals which helps a lot with uncertainty.”

    “I love the challenge of appropriately reintegrating people back into sport as fast as possible while minimising the risk of re-injury.” 


    Spending a lot of time strength training in the gym, James enjoys helping others who have any niggles or injuries to modify their program to keep them moving. 


    “I enjoy empowering people with the information and the tools they need to manage their own health and get back to the things they love to do.” 


    Away from the clinic, Hugh enjoys finding new places for good food and coffee.  Drawing, reading and spending time with his dogs.  


  • Julia MeeuwissenMyotherapist

    After multiple injuries and different rehab experiences, Julia Meeuwissen found a love and appreciation of myotherapy.


    “I like that myotherapy has a holistic approach that empowers and supports people to take responsibility for their own rehabilitation journey and to gain more confidence, trust and respect for their body and its innate capacity to heal and recover.”


    With an interest in the human body, anatomy and biomechanics, Julia enjoys treating tendinopathies, tension headaches, neck pain and TMD.


    “I have had all of these issues myself so can empathise and share techniques that have helped me. I’d like to further investigate optimal load management strategies for tendinopathies and posture as well as mind-body connection for stress related tension headaches, neck pain and TMD.”


    As a myotherapist, Julia hopes to empower patients to live an active and healthy life knowing that injuries can be overcome and aches and pains are part of the journey.


    Julia was attracted to the multimodal aspect of CSSM where each practitioner can learn from other modalities to ensure the best outcome for each patient.


    “I like CSSM’s philosophy including best practice, patient education and exercise as an integral part of treatment.”


    When she’s not working, Julia enjoys going for multiple day hikes, camping, and going to the beach as well as reading fiction, putting on incense and listening to records, or walking her dog Zephyr.

Adele Agius Myotherapist Camberwell
  • Adele AgiusMyotherapist

    After 15 years of international competitive Taekwondo, I sustained several injuries. “I was always so fascinated by how the human body functions and heals – seemingly myotherapy was the perfect fit.  An enthusiast about health, fitness and being the best version of yourself is a key factor”. 


    Adele feels that analysing the main components of people’s everyday lifestyles and interests allows her to identify and provide specialised ways for a specific individual to help aid in strengthening, rehabilitating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Adele enjoys working with people “to help get them back to the activities they love”.


    Adele executes this through a “hands-on approach”, which includes trigger point therapy, dry needling, cupping, myofascial release and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Adele is a firm believer on educating her clients about their condition and what their recovery process will entail to improve their ability to manage, maintain and overcome their injuries. 


    Adele has worked with NICA (National Institute of Circus Australia) and amateur basketball, netball and football leagues across Melbourne. 


    In Adele’s spare time, she loves to participate in pilates, rock climbing, hiking, baking and spending time with family and friends.