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Our Team

‘It's our level of care that sets us apart’ - Lisa Thomson, Senior Partner

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Camberwell's Best Myotherapist Jay Smyth Small
  • Jonathan Smyth-SmallMyotherapist

    As a Myotherapist Jay’s philosophy is that hands on care is the key to maintaining movement through life.


    Jay Smyth-Small is a Clinical Myotherapist as well as a sports trainer in sub-elite Soccer.

    He first developed his love for movement and recovery while studying a BSc. in Sports Studies (Exercise and Health). He then went on to study Clinical Myotherapy which broadened his treatment approach, enabling him to combine his background in exercise with an array of hands-on techniques to reduce patient’s pain and improve their functionality. 


    Jay has been heavily involved in sport from a young age, competing in judo at a national level and playing soccer competitively. His passion for competitive sport led to numerous injuries growing up, which sparked his interest in rehabilitation and supporting people in their recovery. “I have always been fascinated with the body’s ability to adapt and overcome pain or injury, some of the greatest lessons in life are learnt through painful experiences, whether they are physical, emotional or mental.” 


    With a special interest in treating patients with shoulder and lower limb injuries, Jay uses dry needling, cupping, taping, deep tissue techniques and exercise rehabilitation for recovery. His goal as a practitioner is to help educate patients about their pain or injury and provide them with a tailored treatment plan depending on their goals and capabilities, enabling them to take control of their pain themselves. “As a myotherapist, we are able to adapt and change our treatment technique to best suit each patient.” 


    In his down time, you can find Jay outdoors, enjoying nature with his girlfriend and dog Bronson, or playing music or sport with friends.  

Sports Massage Adele Agius
  • Adele AgiusMyotherapist

    After 15 years of international competitive Taekwondo, I sustained several injuries. “I was always so fascinated by how the human body functions and heals – seemingly myotherapy was the perfect fit.  An enthusiast about health, fitness and being the best version of yourself is a key factor”. 


    Adele feels that analysing the main components of people’s everyday lifestyles and interests allows her to identify and provide specialised ways for a specific individual to help aid in strengthening, rehabilitating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Adele enjoys working with people “to help get them back to the activities they love”.


    Adele executes this through a “hands-on approach”, which includes trigger point therapy, dry needling, cupping, myofascial release and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Adele is a firm believer on educating her clients about their condition and what their recovery process will entail to improve their ability to manage, maintain and overcome their injuries. 


    Adele has worked with NICA (National Institute of Circus Australia) and amateur basketball, netball and football leagues across Melbourne. 


    In Adele’s spare time, she loves to participate in pilates, rock climbing, hiking, baking and spending time with family and friends.