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Camberwell's Best Myotherapist Jay Smyth Small
  • Jonathan Smyth-SmallMyotherapist

    As a Myotherapist Jay’s philosophy is that hands on care is the key to maintaining movement through life.


    Jay Smyth-Small is a Clinical Myotherapist as well as a sports trainer in sub-elite Soccer.

    He first developed his love for movement and recovery while studying a BSc. in Sports Studies (Exercise and Health). He then went on to study Clinical Myotherapy which broadened his treatment approach, enabling him to combine his background in exercise with an array of hands-on techniques to reduce patient’s pain and improve their functionality. 


    Jay has been heavily involved in sport from a young age, competing in judo at a national level and playing soccer competitively. His passion for competitive sport led to numerous injuries growing up, which sparked his interest in rehabilitation and supporting people in their recovery. “I have always been fascinated with the body’s ability to adapt and overcome pain or injury, some of the greatest lessons in life are learnt through painful experiences, whether they are physical, emotional or mental.” 


    With a special interest in treating patients with shoulder and lower limb injuries, Jay uses dry needling, cupping, taping, deep tissue techniques and exercise rehabilitation for recovery. His goal as a practitioner is to help educate patients about their pain or injury and provide them with a tailored treatment plan depending on their goals and capabilities, enabling them to take control of their pain themselves. “As a myotherapist, we are able to adapt and change our treatment technique to best suit each patient.” 


    In his down time, you can find Jay outdoors, enjoying nature with his girlfriend and dog Bronson, or playing music or sport with friends.  

Camberwell Sports Physiotherapist Hugh Feary
  • Hugh FearyPhysiotherapist

    Movement is Medicine


    Hugh Feary has always been interested in how the body works, sport and strength training. Physio was the perfect fit. 


    “It’s also a great combination of problem solving and working with people.” 


    Hugh has previously worked in GP clinics and private practice as well as a variety of local sporting teams including the Fremantle Dockers in the AFLW. 


    “I love the challenge of appropriately reintegrating people back into sport as fast as possible while minimising the risk of re-injury.” 


    Spending a lot of time strength training in the gym, Hugh enjoys helping others who have any niggles or injuries to modify their program to keep them moving. 


    “I enjoy empowering people with the information and the tools they need to manage their own health and get back to the things they love to do.” 


    Away from the clinic, Hugh enjoys music – particularly cello, drums and guitar as well as reading and strength training. 


    Hugh is available at CSSM Monday to Thursday and alternate Friday’s and Saturday’s.

  • Caroline Szafranski


    Senior Physiotherapist


    Senior physiotherapist Caroline Szafranski was drawn to physio during her four years spent living in the United States on a tennis scholarship at Arkansas State University. “I was training six days a week and spending a bit of time in the medical rooms!”
    She studied Exercise Science and then spent 6 months working in California.“I think my involvement in tennis and triathlons has helped me enormously with treating patients and understanding their emotional ride as well.”


    After completing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at La Trobe University back home, Caroline has worked with various sporting organisations including the AFL Umpires Association in addition to grass roots football clubs.


    “I’ve also worked in various roles both in private practice and in a hospital environment, both in the UK and Australia, giving me extensive experience in treating patients with both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions,” she said.


    Caroline has a special interest in biomechanics, rehabilitation and Clinical Pilates training having completed mat and equipment Level 1 Certificate in Pilates and Level 1 Dry Needling Certificate, and several other courses. “I treat all areas but but enjoy treating backs, neck and doing pilates, plus post surgery rehab especially total hip and knee replacements.”


    Away from the clinic, Caroline continues to play tennis and still has that competitive nature participating in ironman triathlon and marathon running, competing in several races including the half ironman and long course world championships and completing two Melbourne marathons! “I’d like to say that my competitive spirit is a little more tame these days but I can’t help myself sometimes!”


    Caroline is at CSSM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.




Sports Massage Adele Agius
  • Adele AgiusMyotherapist

    After 15 years of international competitive Taekwondo, I sustained several injuries. “I was always so fascinated by how the human body functions and heals – seemingly myotherapy was the perfect fit.  An enthusiast about health, fitness and being the best version of yourself is a key factor”. 


    Adele feels that analysing the main components of people’s everyday lifestyles and interests allows her to identify and provide specialised ways for a specific individual to help aid in strengthening, rehabilitating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Adele enjoys working with people “to help get them back to the activities they love”.


    Adele executes this through a “hands-on approach”, which includes trigger point therapy, dry needling, cupping, myofascial release and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Adele is a firm believer on educating her clients about their condition and what their recovery process will entail to improve their ability to manage, maintain and overcome their injuries. 


    Adele has worked with NICA (National Institute of Circus Australia) and amateur basketball, netball and football leagues across Melbourne. 


    In Adele’s spare time, she loves to participate in pilates, rock climbing, hiking, baking and spending time with family and friends.

Physiotherapist Camberwell Kobi Phelan
  • Kobi PhelanPhysiotherapist

    Movement is Medicine


    Kobi Phelan is a physiotherapist and a strong advocate for the role of exercise therapy in the prevention and management of musculoskeletal conditions with a particular interest in lower limb injuries.

    Kobi understands the importance of tailoring treatment and rehabilitation to each patient on an individual basis when returning to sport and activity. With this in mind, Kobi places high importance on actively involving her patients in the design and implementation of their injury rehabilitation.

    “I really enjoy seeing someone through the ups and downs of long term rehabilitation, and get a huge sense of satisfaction when these patients are able to return back to their desired activity.”

    In the future, Kobi hopes to continue to evolve armed with the latest research and treatment techniques.

    In her spare time you’ll find Kobi at the gym, taking her dog for a walk, or completing DIY jobs around the house and garden.

  • Jaimi SchroenOsteopath

    Jaimi was drawn to osteopathy at a young age after experiencing first-hand how osteopathy helped treat  the many sports injuries she endured growing up.


    “As an osteopath I love educating people about their bodies. It helps show patients just how connected everything is and how closely structure and function are related.


    If everything is working well in terms of structure and function the patient and their body will be at their best.


    I love being a part of someone’s journey and helping them achieve their goals and get them back to the activities they loved doing the most.”


    Jaimi enjoys treating a broad range of injuries, with a particular interest in headaches, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders as well as vertigo and dizziness.


    “There are so many factors that contribute to these conditions which can make the process of treating and managing them somewhat challenging. I find we can give patients quite a lot of relief and make a big difference in someone’s day to day life which is always rewarding to see.”


    Away from the clinic Jaimi enjoys taking her dog on walks, being active with playing netball and going to the gym. During the summer time, she spends her free time down at the river with family and friends.


  • Nicole Owen-TigheOsteopath


    Nicole has a strong passion in working with both amateur and professional dancers. Nicole has over 15 years of classical ballet training, therefore has a deep understanding of the physiological demands, the common musculoskeletal injuries, and how to support and manage these injuries when they arise in dancers. Nicole is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and is committed to keeping up to date with the latest research in dance injury and management. At CSSM, Nicole provides pre-pointe assessments for aspiring young dancers.

    ‘Our pre-pointe assessment determines whether a dancer is safe to commence dancing en pointe. We take the dancers training history into consideration, as well as a detailed postural and functional assessment of the foot/ankle, pelvis, core and spine’

    Nicole’s osteopathic clinical areas of interest also include the cervical spine, TMJ dysfunction and headaches. 

    “These conditions can be extremely debilitating for patients and I find that osteopathic treatment and management is very beneficial in reducing pain, and improving quality of life.”

    Nicole has also undertaken further training in treating lower back and pelvic pain in ante and post-natal patients. As a key driver of our Pilates classes at CSSM, Nicole often incorporates this expertise into the treatment and management of these patients. 


    “I love that as an Osteopath, I can help my patients overcome challenges, achieve their goals and return to the activities they enjoy doing the most. It is important to assist patients in understanding their pain through education, and empower them to take the necessary steps in becoming healthier and happier.” 

    Away from CSSM, Nicole enjoys spending time down at the beach with friends and family, going to the gym and participating in Pilates classes. 



  • Sally LynchPhysiotherapist

    As a teenager, Sally played national and international level soccer and has always had an in-depth understanding of the demands of high-level sport, particularly on young bodies. After completing university in Albury, Sally moved to Melbourne to play football in the VFLW, where she currently plays for the Darebin Falcons.


    “It’s a great showcase of women’s athletic ability and strength and it’s a game which requires a wide range of athletic abilities. I loved soccer but it was time for a new challenge and footy provides that! A lot of people think that women’s bodies aren’t designed for contact sports like football, but every day women and girls show that they are strong, athletic and capable. I love being a part of that.”


    Sally has a particular interest in sports injury management and due to her experience in both soccer and football at a high level, Sally understands the demands of a variety of sports and aims to keep all her patients competing wherever possible. She has worked with a variety of sporting teams particularly in women’s football and loves the exciting nature of acute sports injury management. “I love seeing people of all ages and backgrounds become the fittest, strongest and healthiest versions of themselves”.


    Already a  leader in the field, Sally is currently undertaking her Masters of Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy as she works towards her goal of specialising in Sports Physiotherapy.


    Sally is very comfortable in both gym and Pilates settings and you will often find her running classes at CSSM. She often utilises gym and Pilates to enable her patients to be strong, mobile and have excellent body control. “I love helping my patients to reach their goals whether returning to sport after injury, regaining full function after surgery or simply operating day to day without pain.”


    She also has experience working in the disability sector where Sally supported people with challenging behaviours – treating patients with a variety of physical and intellectual disabilities and helping them to achieve their goals.


    Away from the clinic you can find Sally at training, playing with her dog and spending time with family and friends.

Podiatrist Camberwell - Podiatry Orthotics
  • Alicia SchifferlePodiatrist

    Alicia graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice. These qualifications, together with an extensive history in sporting footwear retail, underpin Alicia’s comprehensive knowledge of feet and footwear. This has given her a broad experience in determining the best footwear choices for each patient.

    Alicia firmly believes that healthy feet equal a healthy life. As a podiatrist, she has an understanding of the vast range of musculoskeletal injuries that occur in the foot and leg as well as the most appropriate and effective treatment approaches for each individual patient. By assessing the cause of pain and designing a treatment plan to prevent future problems, Alicia is motivated to improve every patients’ quality of life.

    When not at CSSM, Alicia works in Monash Health, in an acute podiatry setting with a clinical focus on wound assessment and treatment as well as managing lower limb diabetic complications.

    Whilst knowledgeable in all types of podiatric care, Alicia has a particular interest in sport related injuries and the relationship between foot mechanics and performance or injury.

    An active sporting background developed a passion for biomechanics, giving Alicia the understanding of how injury can impact performance and the importance of an individualised treatment and rehabilitation program.

    In her down time, Alicia can be found pounding the footpaths training for her next running adventure or playing Aussie Rules, netball or punching out a Pilates class with her friends.  You won’t find her standing still!

Strength and Conditioning Physiotherapist Peter Stath
  • Peter StathPhysiotherapist

    As a physiotherapist, Peter relishes the opportunity to help his clients return to the things that mean the most to them, whether that’s sport, work or family. “A strong and healthy body maintains a healthy mind, which allows us to perform and work to the best of our ability.”

    Peter is a strength and conditioning enthusiast with a unique understanding of the demands of high level competition and performance.  Having previously worked within the National Premier League Victoria (soccer) as well as part of the medical team for Futsal Victoria at their National Championships, he has a passion for treating all aspects of musculoskeletal or sporting pain with a particular interest in shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.

    He is also a great advocate for the involvement of children and adolescents in sport, helping them develop healthy habits as they grow.

    “It’s so important to stay at the forefront of the industry in terms of latest techniques, advancements, patient care and rehabilitation and use this information to continue to play a key role in patients’ recovery.”

    Peter has valuable experience in pre- and post-operative care and has developed expertise in using Clinical Pilates to facilitate optimal recovery and performance.

    “The challenge of pre and post-surgery and the journey between physiotherapist and patient to integrate them back into daily activity or sport in an even better condition than before their injury is what drives me.”

    Whether it’s an acute injury or simply wanting to optimise performance, Peter has the expertise to diagnose and prescribe a program to get you back on track to achieving your goals. His unique combination of physiotherapy and high level coaching skills is a valuable asset in both the prevention and rehabilitation of injury – particularly in the areas of sports performance in the younger athlete.

    Away from CSSM, Peter has developed a keen interest in golf, enjoys attending sports events, training in the gym and keeping up with the latest research and advancements within the physiotherapy industry.