High Performance

As a practice CSSM recognise that athletes are only as good as the team around them.
That’s why CSSM takes on your aspirations as their own.


As such, CSSM has specific programs for athletes seeking to improve their performance available for clubs and individual athletes alike. These programs are rooted in the three tenants of Performance Enhancement, Injury Management and education.

The High Performance Services program utilises our experienced staff to provide athletes of all levels and abilities objective, evidence-based information that optimises their sporting performance.


Specific services include:

  • Expert Injury Rehabilitation using Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning Programmes.
    Specific exercise program can be undertaken with appropriate progressions to return an athlete back to their pre injury level of function, in line with the athlete’s sporting goals and timeframes often required at the elite sporting level.


  • Sports Specific Performance and Fitness Testing
    Involves analysing an athlete in their appropriate environment to observe fitness levels & technique against recognised benchmarks. This allows deficits in fitness and performance to be identified and education given to the athlete to retrain a skill or improve fitness levels.


  • Musculoskeletal Screening for Injury Prevention.
    A preventative approach toward optimising an athletes performance by injury reduction. By assessing muscle strength and joint range when an athlete is at full function it allows our team to identify the weaknesses that may be contributing
    to past injuries or limiting future performance.


  • Biomechanical Analysis for optimum performance.
    Uses the most advanced video analysis techniques to break down the athletes sporting technique into the finest detail. Allowing the precise assessment of technique to ensure the most advanced outcomes.


  • Long Term Athlete Development Strategies.
    Treatment from our professionals may only be short term, but we endeavour to maximise long term outcomes by outlining treatment and performance goals throughout our service. Educating our clients on the best management strategies to optimise development in terms of sport specific fitness, adequate biomechanics required and even optimal nutrition for high performance.

Services are available for all athletes and coaches and can be performed onsite at your training facility or within our practice depending on your needs and demands of your sport.

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Our Osteopathy and Physiotherapy practitioners are experts in providing detailed examination and diagnosis, then providing
treatment quickly and effectively.  CSSM is open 7 days a week for your convenience and appointments can be made by calling the clinic on 03 9889 1078. Alternatively appointments can be made via the online portal at our website www.cssm.com.au

Not at all.  Whilst we receive a lot of referrals from running coaches, sporting clubs and sporting institutes, personal trainers and health professionals for our High Performance service,  a referral is not necessary.  If you feel that you want to move quicker, jump higher, be stronger, more flexible or just be better – give our team a call.  The best expertise since 2003.

Our treatment is covered under the ancillary or extras cover of most major health insurers. Here at CSSM we are able to provide ‘on the spot’ rebates via HICAPS. Depending on your level of private health insurance, the rebate amount will vary. We want you to be able to achieve the maximum benefit from your health insurance so we advise checking with your provider. If you have any other enquiries, please contact our friendly reception staff.

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