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Peadiatric Podiatry in Camberwell

Children’s feet are very different to adult’s feet. They are not merely ‘smaller’ but structurally quite distinct. Care should be taken with shoe fitting and parents should regularly check to ensure shoes fit appropriately.  The growth of feet does not necessarily correlate with height.


Growing feet require great support and some bones and joints in the feet do not develop until teenage years.


If you child is having foot problems, or problems with gait or walking, It is never too early to get your child assessed.  It is not necessary to wait until school starts or growing is complete. In fact, there are many conditions that can be treated at a young age which can avoid further longer term treatment down the track.


All children fall over when learning to walk however, excessive clumsiness or tripping should be assessed and is quite often easy to treat. Children should be able to participate in sport and regular activities without pain or trepidation.  Being excluded or left behind from other children can have effects well beyond the physical.  It is vital to have a thorough check-up should there be any concerns.

Your podiatrist will conduct a thorough biomechanical assessment and look at your child walking and running.  We can examine a small child on mum or dad’s lap and make the examination fun using games to encourage participation where necessary.  Our podiatrists are friendly and have extensive experience working with children.


Promoting children to stay active is of the upmost importance, and they can have large sporting loads while they are developing. Growing pain is not uncommon in the lower limb, and can be largely painful for any weight bearing activities. If you suspect that your child might be experiencing growing pains, they may benefit from a biomechanical assessment to understand and manage their discomfort.

Common conditions podiatrists treat in children may include:

  • In-grown nails
  • Plantar warts
  • Heel pain or Sever’s disease
  • Knee pain or knock knees
  • In-toeing (pidgeon toes)
  • Flat feet
  • Growing pains
  • Bunions
  • Clumsiness or tripping
  • Shin splints
  • Osgood schlatters disease
  • Hip or back pain


If you aren’t sure whether there is a problem or not; it is worth having an assessment. Your podiatrist will let you know if everything is on track.  Referrals to other specialists can also be arranged if required.  In some cases, treatment may be as simple as footwear modification, stretches or strengthening.


Camberwell Sports and Spinal Medicine is a leader in healthcare for children and adolescents and is a proud sponsor of the Camberwell Sharks Junior Football Club and involved with other local sporting clubs and schools.


Appointments are available after school and on weekends.

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Our Running Gait Assessments are generally performed by our Podiatry team, with input from our Physiotherapy and Osteopathy team.

Appointments can be made by calling the clinic on 9889 1078.

Alternatively appointments can be requested via our online portal at our website www.cssm.com.au

Book online 7 days a week

The running gait analysis involves 2 appointments usually a week apart.

For the full assessment and gait analysis, this takes between 1-1.5 hours for the first appointment. A follow up appointment is then scheduled to go through your results in detail with you. This follow up appointment usually takes 30 minutes.

Shorts or leggings are best to allow us to perform relevant assessments, and for us to be able to clearly see and analyse
your running technique.
Please bring in runners (old and new), as well as any other shoes you may use for different sports (e.g. football boots, netball shoes etc.). Please feel free to bring along any other shoes that you feel may be relevant to your assessment.

Not at all.  Whilst we receive a lot of referrals from running coaches, personal trainers GP’s and other health professionals for this service.  A referral is not necessary, if you feel that you have a running related injury – give us a call. .

The initial gait analysis package including both before and after consultations and all take home material is $255.

If you have private health insurance these services will qualify for a rebate under your ancillary or extra’s cover. The rebate varies depending on your health insurer and level of cover so check the details of your policy.

Running Gait Analysis sessions are generally conducted for the management of running injury and pain.  Therefore these sessions are covered under your podiatry allocation within your private health insurance.  Please contact your health insurer to determine your eligibility and level of cover.

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