#teamCSSM 2023

Every year, we sponsor local athletes from a variety of sports and range of abilities, who are committed to challenging themselves in their chosen endeavour.

Camberwell Sports and Spinal Medicine’s Athlete Sponsorship Program supports local athletes to be the best they can be. Our team of dedicated professionals have a desire to take our athletes to the next level.

We are excited to introduce you to teamCSSM for 2023!

The Best Expertise. A Plan to Improve. Whatever Your Goal.

#teamCSSM 2023

Ross Melville

When we called Ross Melville to tell him the good news that he would be part of CSSM’s Athlete Sponsorship Program, he was out on the water!
At the age of 62, Ross has been sailing for more than 50 years, competing in the 2007 Sydney to Hobart race and more recently the 2022 50th Melbourne to Hobart Westcoaster Race at Christmas. 
“I like to compete against others at a high standard but also enjoy the social comradery and travel,” he says. “It helps me keep an active lifestyle.”
With and ACL and 3 arthroscopies on his knees, Ross has been doing pilates to help strengthen his knees and hopes working with the CSSM practitioners will keep him on the water for years to come.
With experience in state league lacrosse and weekly bike rides to maintain his fitness, Ross plans to continue competing against the best and “give a good show.”
“I also like introducing new people to my sport,” he says.

Ross' goal -

"To stay in good physical condition and to be able to sail in the Etchell World championships at my home club Royal Brighton Yacht Club in January 2025."

Ross’ Team.

Mr Peter Stath

Ms Adele Agius

Ms Kim Van Hoorn

Mr Hugh Feary

Tom Fisher

Tom Fisher’s triathlon journey began when he was just 6 years old. Now 22, Tom specialises in off-road triathlons, most recently representing Australia overseas in the World Championships placing an incredible 5th position.
“I’m passionate about training and competing in beautiful outdoor environments. This sport can take you on a journey around the world, meeting new people, discovering new places and growing as a person,” he says.
Tom says that he has learnt many valuable life skills as a triathlete including time management, communication skills and discipline. “You can’t execute every training session perfectly and not every race goes to plan but persistence sees results.”
Tom spends around 25-30 hours a week swimming, riding, running, and gym work. This will be the level of dedication required to achieve his future goals, which include; winning an ITU World Cross Triathlon Championship and a XTERRA World Championship.
“The triathlon community is a supportive community; everyone wants each other to achieve. If it wasn’t for the passion, support and guidance within the triathlon community, I don’t think I would be where I am today.”

We can’t wait to follow Tom’s progress in 2023!

Tom’s Team.

Mr Peter Stath

Tom's Goal -

"Work with the CSSM Team to return to the sport post being hit by a car in January. Race the back end of the European XTERRA Tour. Gain international race experience."

Katelyn Cox

Katelyn Cox’s dream to play AFLW began as an under 9, where she was the first girl to win a best and fairest at her junior club.
After being a part of five VFLW teams, Katelyn was finally drafted in June 2022 to Richmond AFLW.
“After missing out on the draft for 4 years, I am finally living out my childhood dream,” she says.
“Footy has always been my escape. No matter what is going on in my life, I can always go to footy and just focus on it. Although mentally and physically challenging, it has definately gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life.”
We have a good feeling about Katelyn and 2023 – her goal is to secure her spot in the team and play her best footy.

Katelyn's goal -

"Play my best footy in 2023!"

Katelyn’s Team.

Ms Jade Hunt

Ms Kim Van Hoorn

Emma Start

Soccer has always appealed to Emma Start for its fitness, skillset, and teamwork. 
“Right away I took to the idea of controlling and passing a ball with my feet. I didn’t feel coordinated when playing sports such as basketball that involved hand-eye coordination,” she says.
Growing up in a rural area, Emma’s soccer options were limited. After making the move to Melbourne she joined a women’s soccer team in 2012 and ever since has continued to be an active member in outdoor soccer and even joined multiple futsal teams (indoor soccer) in women’s and mixed leagues. However, injuries and covid lockdowns have interrupted her soccer plans.
“There are always the nerves there that you are not going to be fit enough or you worry you lost some of the skills while you were away, but thankfully the body remembers the past work you put in and I have teammates that encourage and motivate me to return each year.”
If you tell Emma that soccer is just a bunch of people running around she’ll tell you otherwise. There’s structure and pattern, and a little bit of trying to be sneaky with ball passes. It can be a game of cat and mouse but with the addition of working as a team to succeed together. You get to know new people, their limits and strengths as well as your own, and you learn what it means to have someone’s back in a game.”
Emma hopes her sponsorship with CSSM will help to reduce her injuries. She’s clocked up quite a few already playing soccer – to her knees, hip, lower back, hamstrings, and ankles, a broken toe and more recently, a sprained ankle which resulted in a snapped ligament and bone bruising which has caused ongoing issues with pain and flexibility in the ankle.

In 2023 Emma is hoping to play a full game without worrying about an injury. 

Emma’s Team.

Ms Kelsey Thomas

Emma's Goal -

"To play soccer this year without an injury!"

Ash and Jason

Local businessmen Jason and Ash have taken on the mammoth task of cycling from Sydney to Melbourne in 2023 for charity.
“The trip is expected to take 10 days. We are motivated by the challenge of such a significant achievement and inspiring our kids, family and friends.”
While attempting to recruit more riders to join, expect to see the boys in lycra training around the area in the lead up to their big trip!
Jason rode from Adelaide to Melbourne in 2014 and hopes to continue challenging himself to eventually ride all the way around Australia!
“For me this challenge is a way to get back into fitness and challenge myself,” Ash says.

Ash and Jason's goal -

"To ride from Melbourne to Sydney in 10 days for charity."

Jason and Ash’s Team.


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