Did you know only 30% of a man’s overall health is determined by his genetics? 70% is controllable through lifestyle. Men’s Health Week encourages men to prioritise their health. So whether you’re male or female, start the conversation. We asked CSSM Osteopath Lachlan White what men’s health means to him.

Men’s Health is more than just physical health and what is seen in the mirror. It encompasses all aspects of a male – the emotions, social interactions, environments, intellects and spirituality of males.

Men’s Health isn’t about being more manly and ‘hardening or toughening up’. It is to accept what makes us who we are and to challenge each individual to be the best version of themselves. This may mean going to the doctor when you notice something on your body, speaking out if you feel uncomfortable, seeking help and assistance who you feel like you need it, asking your friends and family if they are okay.

Too many men die from preventable diseases. Males need to make their own health their first and foremost priority, to prevent from this from occurring. 

Here’s some easy things you can fit into your lifestyle:

-increase your levels of activity on a daily basis (this means going for a walk at lunchtime, using the stairs instead of the elevator – not just starting to run around the neighbourhood)

-reduce your intake of junk food

-allow your body to rest and recover by sleeping 7-8 hours per night

-drink lots of water throughout the day

As a population we are too reactive, instead of being proactive. Men need to take responsibility and go to their GP and have regular visits and check-ups.

You only have this body for this one lifetime. Treat it with the love and attention that it deserves. Don’t continue living with untreated and undiagnosed health conditions (both mental and physical).

Go on, start the conversation. Visit https://www.menshealthweek.org.au