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The Best Expertise

Maintaining the best results requires knowledge and expertise. Our athletes train and so do we, through our professional development program. Meaning that when a practitioner the treats you, they have the most advanced injury care knowledge. Read about what our practitioners are thinking in the injury blogs below.

Post covid returning to sport

Returning to sport post covid

With Victoria’s case numbers of COVID-19 still so high, many of us will have either contracted it ourselves or know someone...

Behavioural goals: the secret to success

Behavioural Goals vs Outcome goals By CSSM Podiatrist Alicia Schifferle Generally, when we want something, we are taught to first think...

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Control Policy

UPDATED 25th October 2021   MELBOURNE IS CURRENTLY OPERATING UNDER COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS   Under COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria, Camberwell Sports &...