UPDATED 28 September  2020


Metropolitan Melbourne moves to the second step under the Victorian Government’s roadmap as of midnight Monday, 28 September.

Camberwell Sports & Spinal Medicine remains an essential service and is open – but with some restrictions.

Through Stage 4 restrictions, the clinic has been available for face-to-face appointments for urgent and essential care only.

However, as of Monday 28 September, our PhysioOsteo and Podiatry team will be able to provide treatment with slightly eased restrictions.

Whilst these changes do not mean we are back to pre-covid settings – thankfully we are now able to extend our services more broadly, enabling necessary treatment to help manage pain and/or prevent a deterioration of function.

This means we can provide face-to-face appointments where delayed care would result in an escalation of care needs leading to: 

  • increased frequency in treatment
  • significant increase in pain
  • referral for specialist input
  • or a substantial increase in recovery time

Importantly, for those people whose care has been delayed during stage 4 restrictions, we are now able to provide face-to-face consultations for assessment and diagnostic purposes and provide essential pre-operative or post-operative elective surgery care.

This does not include routine management or care of a low grade injury. Patients are directed to telehealth to manage these conditions.

Unfortunately, under the current rules, DHHS has determined that remedial massage and myotherapy services will not be available until October 28.

You can use your SMS text reminder as proof of appointment if you are travelling further than 5km from home for treatment. We will also supply you with a letter of attendance at your appointment.

If you’re unsure about an injury and the best way we can help you, please call the clinic on 9889 1078.

PIER, Clinical Exercise and Pilates – September 28 update

On a positive note, with the relaxation of the guidelines we are able to reintroduce access to our PIER and STUDIO Pilates programs for those undertaking rehabilitative exercise to prevent deterioration of their conditions. These programs will run as 1:1 for injury management and care.


The ongoing restrictions mean that indoor exercise sessions are not possible.  However not to be deterred, we are in the process of conducting a reno rumble on our courtyard to convert it to a zen outdoor pilates studio!

1:1 PiatesFIT is back next week – Stay tuned!

For those who still can’t make it to the clinic, our very popular online PilatesFIT classes will continue.  Classes will be available daily at selected times. Participants can use their PilatesFIT credit to access these classes.  Book your sessions through the CSSM app or our website.


What is urgent or essential care? 

Urgent or essential care is:

· Assessment and management of an acute injury causing significant impairment of function that may require further investigation or potential hospitalisation such as significant sprains and possible fractures.

· For assessment and management of an ongoing injury or impairment that inhibits your ability to perform normal activities of daily living that would deteriorate without ongoing management.

· For management of a chronic condition that would deteriorate without ongoing management and care and where the absence of, or delay of this care, would result in a significant regression in the patient functional independence necessitating escalation of care such as hospitalisation.

These provisions do not include routine management or care.

We absolutely support the Stage 4 restrictions and to reflect our role in the community to help flatten the curve and in the best interest of public safety:

CSSM will provide face-to-face treatment to patients with an urgent need. Our expert and experienced team are more than capable of meeting your needs and determining your need for hands on treatment.

If you’re unsure about an injury and the best way we can help you, please call the clinic on 9889 1078.

We care and we are here for you 

Patient care and exercise rehabilitation remains at the core of what we do and we want to keep you moving to support both your physical and mental health.

We will be working hard to provide programs that support you at home.

CSSM will do our bit to “stop the spread” by:

  • offering Pilates for you at home
  • providing Telehealth appointments
  • offering home visits
  • remaining open for urgent and acute injuries. Allied health is here to support our entire health system and keep the pressure off our GP’s and hospitals.

We understand the need to limit movement in the community and encourage patients with non-urgent care to access our video consultations.


New opening hours  – updated 28 September
Now there is no curfew, CSSM hours will change slightly.

Monday to Thursday 7.30am-8pm

Friday 7.30am-7pm

Saturday 8am-4pm

Sunday 9am-5pm


Online bookings 

Our online booking portal is available. You’ll notice there is an added step to ensure your face-to-face appointment falls in the urgent and essential category. If you are unsure, please call the clinic and we can work out how we can best treat you.


Please do not attend the clinic if:

  • You have been to a high risk country in the past 14 days
  • You have been diagnosed with Coronavirus or had close or casual contact with someone confirmed or suspected to have had the virus in the past 14 days
  • If you are currently displaying flu-like symptoms including:
    • Fever
    • Breathing difficulties such as breathlessness
    • Cough
    • Runny nose
    • Sore throat
    • Fatigue or tiredness

For more information on this please visit the Department of Health (Victoria) information page: https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus


We are Coronavirus Free:
The practice is mindful that there is concern in the public about Coronavirus, particularly in areas frequented by the public.

As a practice we have implemented strategies more than most, when it comes to standard hygiene principles.


When you visit the clinic you will notice that:

  • Hand sanitiser is “everywhere” around the clinic.  Please wash you hands for at least 20 seconds on arrival and as often as possible during your time at the clinic.
  • All of our practitioners are well versed in correct hand washing procedures and you will notice them washing their hands constantly.
  • All practitioners will wear masks at all times during patient interactions.  We recommend that patients wear masks at all times whilst unable to maintain social distancing.
  • All staff are temperature checked at the start and throughout their shifts for signs of fever.
  • All of our treatment benches, face cushioning and hard surfaces in our treatment areas are cleaned using disinfectant wipes between each patient.
  • We have extended the scope of our standard cleaning protocols to include disinfecting of handrails, door handles and hard surfaces in reception and common areas throughout the clinic multiple times daily.
  • We have removed some seating from our waiting room to ensure social distancing protocols within the clinic.
  • We have also removed all books and magazines from the practice waiting rooms.

When attending the clinic we ask that you attend alone, or only bring the minimum number of additional people with you (if at all possible).


Procedures for patients attending CSSM

  1. Stay at home if unwell

On arrival:

  1. Sanitise your hands.
  2. Fill out our COVID-19 Health Screening form.
  3. Present to reception for temperature testing – all patients returning a temperature of 37.5C or higher will be directed to return home and seek medical advice.
  4. Maintain physical distancing on 1.5m where possible.
  5. Where a mask.

We thank everyone for their understanding and patience during this time. These are certainly unusual circumstances.  We understand how stressed you feel.  We remain here for you.

We wish everyone continued good health.