By: Jade Hunt

The Best Expertise

Maintaining the best results requires knowledge and expertise. Our athletes train and so do we, through our professional development program. Meaning that when a practitioner the treats you, they have the most advanced injury care knowledge. Read about what our practitioners are thinking in the injury blogs below.

The Nightmare of Runners and Sports Athletes

What is the function of the Achilles Tendon (AT)? The achilles tendon is a fibrous band of tissue that links the...

Did you know strength training can do this?

You’ve probably heard of strength training but perhaps you’re not familiar with how it works or if it’s for you. In...

Hamstring Tendon Injuries

Hamstring Tendon Injuries

Hamstring Tendon Injuries and Healing

In the previous blog on hamstring injuries, we discussed how the type and structure of injury play a pivotal role in...