Getting back from injury can be a long and lonely road. No matter what sport you play or what kind of athlete you are, everyone has setbacks.

I had hip surgery in 2016 after tearing cartilage in my right hip while training for the Cairns Ironman.

It’s been tough because I really enjoy the satisfaction that comes from competing in endurance events both from a physical and psychological perspective.

For me, surgery was inevitable. Even though I tried to avoid going under the knife by focusing on glute and core strength work, I was unable to run pain free. As if that wasn’t enough, I also suffered from a frozen shoulder during the same period.

Regular physio and massage has been part of my rehab program. I have worked on changing my running gait to a more mid-foot strike to reduce impact, increase running cadence and extensive core and glute strengthening work.

Rehab has been frustrating. The improvements have been very slow and I have had to manage my expectations carefully and listen to my body. But I believe early intervention has helped minimise the damage and get me active sooner.

I am currently training 6-7 days a week. Generally 2-3 swim sessions, 2 runs and 2-3 rides. This is supplemented by massage focused on my lower back and legs. Dry needling is also a part of the treatment.

The best advice given to me while I’ve been injured? “Be patient and don’t skip the rehab exercises even if they don’t seem to make a difference.”

My goal is to complete a half marathon triathlon again. If you’re injured, be patient, listen to your body, be consistent with training, don’t increase the training volume too quickly and utilise massage as a key rehab treatment.”


*Peter Hutchings is 54 and is sponsored by CSSM as part of the 2018 Athlete Sponsorship Program.

He is currently 16 months post-surgery and one of our very determined athletes.

CSSM is proud to work with people like Peter to help them achieve their goals.