One of the positives of spending so much more time at home has to be active wear and slippers. It can’t get much more comfortable when you’re working from home! 

But according to CSSM podiatrist Genevieve Scott, it has also meant that we have seen many more patients contacting the clinic during the pandemic with a brand new problem: ugg boot foot.   

For those who are normally in shoes out and about all day, some people are finding that slippers or socks at home are not as ideal as they might have imagined.   

Shoes give our feet protection – from hard floors and other surfaces; and usually some cushioning as well.  Having bare feet, socks or thin slippers just doesn’t offer the same level of comfort and support that our feet prefer. 

If you are among the those who are struggling with aching arches or feeling like your heels are bruised, the solution may be simpler than you expect: put your runners on.  Runners offer great cushioning and support whether you are cleaning the house, on your feet in the kitchen or out for your daily exercise. 

If you don’t want to wear your muddy trail shoes inside, consider having a second pair just for use at home. 

Contact the clinic if you’d like to discuss whether your runners are suitable for your activities or if you’d like help to find the best fit and style for your feet.