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    PilatesFIT is Camberwell Sports & Spinal Medicine’s suite of fitness focused exercise programs.

    PilatesFIT – Gym takes the concept of our PilatesFIT reformer classes into the gym setting.  Encompassing a series of High Intensity Interval Training exercises aimed at improving the body’s strength and flexibility through a series of controlled and specific movements.  The focus of this program is to enhance strength, power, muscular endurance and control.  In these sessions there is an eye towards improving cardiovascular conditioning, but as always technique is king (or Queen), so our team with keep an eagle eye on your form.

    You can think of PilatesFIT as being like your usual Gym class with an extra kick!

    What can I expect from a PilatesFIT-GYM session

    What can I expect from a PilatesFIT-GYM session

    Sessions are based in our state of the art gym facility and run for 30 minutes (although double sessions area available upon request) . The session is focused on providing a high intensity full body workout.

    Co-ordinated by our experienced team the session will involve weights, therabands, jump boxes, kettle bells and medicine balls (plus a few other tricks).   Sessions are currently one to one so the session will be tailored to your individual fitness level.

    What is the difference between PIER & PilatesFIT-GYM sessions?

    PIER is a rehabilitation based program that is designed for injury rehabilitation and tailored to the individual.  The PilatesFIT sessions are a more non-specific Strength and Conditioning session aimed towards strength and general fitness.

    What are the benefits of PilatesFIT-GYM sessions?

    There are many benefits of strength and conditioning sessions.:
    • Longer, leaner and more flexible muscles
    • Improved bone density
    • Improved balance and co-ordination
    • Increased muscle strength and endurance
    • Increased core strength and stability
    • A decreased likelihood of re-injury
    • Increased cardiovascular capacity

    Below is the weekly class schedule for all PilatesFIT group classes offered at CSSM. Clicking ‘BOOK ME IN’ will give you the option to sign in and book if you are an existing client or create an account and book if you are a new to Pilates at CSSM.


    Getting Started – PilatesFIT is focussed towards general fitness and wellbeing.Clients wishing to commence PilatesFIT may do so by booking into a class directly.Pre-payment is required for all classes.
    Both pay as you go and unlimited class membership options are available.

    Introductory Offer
    5 class pack
    For those new to PilatesFIT, single purchase only.
    Expires 2 months after the first visit
    Single Class Expires 1 month after sale date $29.50
    10 Class Pack Expires 8 months after the first visit $255
    20 Class Pack Expires 8 months after the first visit $470
    Unlimited Fit Membership Unlimited PilatesFIT classes $50pw

    Log in below to check your class schedule, cancel or reschedule classes, see your account credit and keep track of your account.

    Frequently asked questions


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    PilatesFIT is a fitness based program. No referral is required, and the exercises are of a general nature, meaning they are beneficial at improving your overall strength and condition. PilatesFIT is a fantastic and safe way to incorporate Pilates into your regular exercise routine.

    Classes run for 50 minutes and utilise mostly reformer based exercises. Each class will be different to the last, and will incorporate Pilates and resistance training. The aim of each class is the same, to isolate and fatigue, increasing your body’s strength and endurance. At the end of each class, there will be time to stretch to assist in recovery and improve flexibility.

    As PilatesFIT classes are general fitness classes rather than for the rehabilitation of injury or illness, Unfortunately these sessions are unlikely to be covered by your Health Fund even if they are instructed by a Physiotherapist or Osteopath.  Always contact your Health Insurer to make certain though, as some funds do provide rebates for health and wellbeing programs.

    PilatesFIT is for everyone! You don’t need to be fit or flexible to begin classes but it is recommended that you are free of injury. Exercises can be modified depending on abilities, so that you get the most from each class. PilatesFIT is also a great form of cross-training, when when combined with other sporting programs.

    Depending on the nature and severity of your injury, and because exercises can be modified or regressed, it is generally fine to attend PilatesFIT classes. Please remember, the goal of PilatesFIT classes is not to rehabilitate specific injuries. If you’re unsure if these classes are appropriate in your specific circumstance, please have a chat to your practitioner at the clinic.

    PilatesFIT classes cater for all individuals, with all classes providing thorough support and guidance from your instructor. With a maximum of 4 per session, there is strong attention to detail, and you can be sure you are performing each exercise safely and correctly.

    Wear comfortable, gym appropriate clothing that will allow you to move freely. Please avoid overly baggy clothing as your instructor needs to see how your body is positioned and moving.  Prepare to get a little sweaty, so you may also like to bring a small hand towel and a water bottle. Grip socks are recommended and can be purchased from the clinic reception.

    Due to the nature of these classes, pre-payment for sessions is required.  The easiest way to purchase and book classes is online via our website.  You can choose to purchase single classes or cost effective multi-class packs.

    Our Pilates Team



    CSSM’s Pilates studio is equipped with state of the art Pilates Apparatus including refomers, wunda chair and trapeze table.  Our Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformers are innovative, sleek and modern.

    They feature:

    • SoftTouch Rope System with double loops that are simple and easy to adjust
    • EasySet footbar allowing multiple position options up and down the reformer frame
    • Quick install padded jumpboard
    • Removable shoulder rests
    • Spring collar for comfortable spring changes
    • Wide secure standing platform with non-slip surface
    • Adjustable padded footstrap

    These reformers are designed to maximise smooth transitions, flowing workouts , creativity and innovation.