#teamCSSM 2024

Every year, we sponsor local athletes from a variety of sports and range of abilities, who are committed to challenging themselves in their chosen endeavour.

Camberwell Sports and Spinal Medicine’s Athlete Sponsorship Program supports local athletes to be the best they can be. Our team of dedicated professionals have a desire to take our athletes to the next level.

We are excited to introduce you to teamCSSM for 2024!

The Best Expertise. A Plan to Improve. Whatever Your Goal.

#teamCSSM 2024

Ben Gibson


Since moving to Melbourne in 2022, Ben Gibson has become a familiar site to CSSM locals, pounding the pavement around Burwood. “I moved from Queensland where I was splitting my time between Brisbane/Gold Coast and my family farm to join a new training group and give myself the best chance to train and compete.”

With four junior championships, two silver medals and a state championship under his belt, this 800metre specialist hopes to take it to the next level at the Olympic trials in 2024.

“I started as a 100m/200m sprinter as a junior, now I am focussed on 800m/1500m but I do feel though that down the track I may move up in distances.”

While clocking up the kilometres, it’s not surprising Ben manages to go through a lot of shoes each year, “I have always thought running on worn out shoes seemed like a quick way to get injured so I try to replace them as regularly as possible. I also have a substantial casual shoe collection at home”

“I really enjoy getting out and competing on the track and being able to go for a run to clear the head and get out in nature after a long day at work.”

After suffering from hip avulsion fractures, a broken toe, plantar fascia and a small tear in his soleus, Ben is looking forward to working with the team at CSSM to get him in Olympic condition.

We are looking forward to following Ben’s progress throughout 2024 as he plans to compete in Run for the Kids, Run Prix and the Melbourne Marathon 5k.

When he’s not racing, you’ll find Ben teaching Science & PE at a Bayside High School, in the gym, on the bike or out running the local trails.

Ben's goal -

"To do my best in Olympic trials in 2024. Compete in Run for the Kids, Run Prix and the Melbourne Marathon 5k."

Ben’s Team.

Mr Peter Stath

Ms Adele Agius

Ms Kim Van Hoorn

Mr Hugh Feary

Emma McDiarmid


Emma McDiarmid has been a gymnast since the age of 6.

Fast forward 13 years and stints at the Australian Institute of Sport and competing at the Singapore Open, Emma says last year was one of her best.

“I achieved one of my goals last year to compete to a higher standard and place at the Gymnastics National Championships. I ended up coming first all around and placing first on 3 of the 4 apparatus. I was really proud of my performance here and this competition was a great confidence boost for me especially as I’m aiming to go back to senior international this year.”

Elite sport comes with many highs and lows but Emma relishes the challenge. “It is very hard on the body and mentally challenging. However, I love overcoming these challenges and fears and accomplishing my goals. It is rewarding at the end of a day knowing you have pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and it makes me want to keep coming back.”

Emma’s career hasn’t been injury-free. Wrist problems and more recently ongoing back pain has hampered her training. Recent scans revealed a complete L4 pars stress fracture.

“I am starting to build back up to full training which is exciting. It has been quite sore after adding new skills and exercises into my program, so I just have to manage it well, listen to my body and continue to work on my strength and rehab. I currently do pilates and physio to stay on top of it.”

When she’s not training, Emma is also in her second year of university studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Sports management.

We can’t wait to watch her progress!

Emma’s Team.

Mr Peter Stath

Emma's Goal -

"I hope to compete in Senior International at the National Championships as well as working towards representing Australia and competing on a national team in the coming years."

Joiana Champion


Joiana Champion has taken her childhood fun to the next level! “When I was a teenager my sister and I loved to rollerblade around our local streets.

So, when my teen daughter bought herself some rollerblades a couple of years ago – I was inspired to learn something I was less familiar with and bought myself some rollerskates. Whenever I lace up, that blissful freedom that comes with childhood fun fills my heart.”

So began Joiana’s passion for rollerskating, even taking roller dance classes. “It’s made me physically stronger than I’ve ever been.”

In early 2023, Joiana broke her ankle and had surgery that required two plates and a screw through the front to hold everything together. “The team at CSSM have worked together to help me not only rehabilitate my ankle, but to help me be stronger than I was before. With their guidance and rehab, I was back on my skates almost as soon as I was allowed to weight bear. Now a year later, my roller dance has become an integral part of who I am and my skills have developed well beyond where I was before I broke the ankle and I’m doing more complex moves than I could have imagined I’d ever be able to do.”

The CSSM team has been impressed with Joiana’s determination and focus on regaining her strength and re-learning her skating skills.

“Rollerskating has become a huge part of my mental health. It’s a wonderful way to switch off because it requires skill and focus.” Joiana is currently working on movements that require a lot of core strength and balance such as spins and this year hopes to keep developing that core strength to execute more complex moves and tackle single leg spins. We are looking forward to Joiana bringing the sparkle and fun to TeamCSSM and we can’t wait to show you some of her moves!

Joiana's goal -

"This year I hope to execute more complex moves and tackle single leg spins!"

Joiana’s Team.

Ms Jade Hunt

Ms Kim Van Hoorn

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