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PIER stands for Practitioner Instructed Exercise Rehabilitation and is Camberwell Sports and Spinal Medicines exercise therapy program designed to prevent and manage injury.  In a tailored rehabilitation program PIER involves individually tailored resistance exercise,  stretches and dynamic movements performed within our bespoke industry leading gymnasium.

Exercise prescribed and instructed by your practitioner – be it Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Myotherapist or Podiatrist – is an evidence-based approach to managing pain and injury.  Ultimately, this structured exercise aims to enable you to reach your desired health goal by improving overall body awareness, posture, flexibility, balance, and muscle control.  Enabling your body to move freely and efficiently during daily activities, occupations, and sports.

What are the benefits of Exercise Rehabilitation?

The team at CSSM recognise the importance of strength based rehabilitation, and while many aspects of our rehabilitation programs can be completed at home, some higher level and heavier weighted exercises are best completed in a gym setting. The many benefits of a gym-based program include:

  • Utilization of heavier free-weights and machine weights to optimise ability to develop strength
  • Ability to progressively overload muscles to allow for strength adaptations to occur
  • One on one supervision to ensure correct technique
  • Increased ability to carry out a greater range of exercises
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved strength to help decrease low back pain
  • Improved balance and flexibility

Why should I do exercise rehabilitation in a clinical environment?

Exercise performed in a clinical environment gives you access to practitioners and equipment that can individualise the series of exercises that you perform, ensuring that the movement is being performed properly, with correct technique and muscle activation.  Your practitioner will only prescribe exercises which are specific to your injury, current ability, and desired health goals. The advice they give is tailored and includes strategies on how you can improve and apply your muscular control on a daily basis

What is the difference between PIER and GymFIT sessions?

PIER is conducted under the instruction of a Physiotherapist or other appropriate Health Practitioner and has a specific injury rehabilitation focus.  It is this focus that make these sessions claimable through your Private Health Insurance.  Whilst PIER programs may include exercises that utilise reformers and other equipment used in Studio Pilates sessions – PIER does not rely on Pilates principles.

GymFIT sessions in comparison are a good option to increase your strength and conditioning but with a more general focus.  These sessions are not a specific rehab program and are not claimable through Private Health Insurance.  These types of programs are great for someone who may have completed their rehabilitation within the PIER program and are looking to maintain their fitness using exercises they are familiar with.

PIER sessions are currently run as One to One One appointments.  Standard sessions are currently set at 30 minutes but double sessions are available.

Appointments can be made with one of our physios online or by calling the clinic.

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Due to the restrictions in place due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic group sessions are currently not available, but will return in the future.  reounf the Due to the restrictions and social distancing requirements currently in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, group PIER sessions are currently suspended but will return in the future.


Below is the weekly class schedule for all PIER sessions offered at CSSM. Clicking ‘BOOK ME IN!’ will give you the option to sign in and book if you are an existing client or create an account and book if you are a new to group sessions at CSSM.


Getting Started – PIER sessions are focussed towards injury rehabilitation and management. Clients starting PIER sessions must first complete a PIER Initial Assessment involving an initial 60 minute assessment and induction session prior to booking into a PIER Gym session. Contact our team at the clinic to arrange your initial PIER assessment.

PIER Initial Assessment 60 min Initial Assessment $115 Phone Clinic
Single Session Expires 1 month after sale date $56
5 Session Pack Expires 2 months after the first visit $250
10 Session Pack Expires 4 months after the first visit $470
25 Session pack Expires 12 months after the first visit $1000

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We are now offering 1:1 gym-based Practitioner Instructed Exercise Rehabilitation in our gym facility under the guidance of one of Physiotherapists. Prior to starting you will need an initial assessment to identify any current or previous injuries that we must caution, and to develop the goals of your program. Our physios have a wealth of experience in exercise prescription and gym based training programs, so we will be more than happy to provide programs which address your desired areas for improvement and work towards your goals.

While GPs, surgeons and other specialists seeking the best care often refer their patients into an Exercise Rehabilitation program, a referral is not necessary. PIER programs are an extension of a usual Physiotherapy program and works well when used in conjunction with medical treatment. To book into the PIER program simply make an appointment with Camberwell Sports & Spinal Medicine directly by calling 9889 1078.

During your initial assessment your practitioner will: – Take a thorough history to gain an understanding of your condition and circumstances that could have lead to your condition – Examine your body and movement to identify the type, source, and cause of symptoms – Form a clinical impression of your condition and discuss this with you – Devise an exercise plan with your input.  Client involvement in treatment and rehabilitation choices is encouraged and involves education about home management strategies.

Within your initial assessment you will also learn basic rehabilitation concepts and exercises which are then reinforced in your follow up private sessions.  Once your PIER Starter Pack is complete, you can then continue with private sessions or progress into a suitable group class.

Private Sessions: These are particularly valuable when you are just beginning PIER, as you have the full attention of your practitioner throughout the whole 30 minute session.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move and stretch fully. Please avoid overly baggy clothing as your instructors need to see how your body is positioned and moving.  Something along the lines of a singlet and shorts is ideal. Appropriate footwear may be required for the safe use of our gymnasium equipment.

For your comfort always bring a water bottle and towel when attending your sessions.

Most Funds will cover Exercise Therapy when prescribed and supervised by a health practitioner for the management of injury.

The rebate from your health fund varies depending on your insurer and level of cover, so it is best to check the details of your policy with your Health Fund.

Multi-class packs are paid in full at the time of purchase.  Itemised receipts will be issued at the completion of your class pack to ensure simple claiming with your insurer.

An initial assessment is $109 and is paid at the time of the consultation. As this is conducted by a physiotherapist, you can claim this on your private health insurance under code 505.

PIER gym sessions can be purchased in a pack of five, 10 or 25 via our Camberwell Sports & Spinal Medicine app. If you haven’t already, please create an account to access this payment option. Alternatively, you can buy a pack in person at the completion of your initial assessment.  PIER Gym session can also be claimed on your Private Health Insurance at the completion of your pack.

Our gym is safe and healthy to use as we have always cleaned it regularly, however given current situations we have increased our hygiene practices and are now cleaning it continuously throughout the day as well as before and after each use. As we are only conducting one on one sessions we can allow time between patients for a full sanitize.

Our gym is a large open space, enabling social distancing recommendations to be followed easily.

We are also asking all patients to sanitize their hands upon entry and exit of our clinic, and screening for symptoms of COVID-19 and self-isolation requirements.

If you are unwell or have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 please do not attend our facilities. If you are unsure as to whether or not you should attend your appointment please contact the clinic for more guidance.

If you have any questions about our gym space here or what we can offer you please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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