Osteopaths in Burwood Village

Burwood Village Osteopaths

For residents seeking a local osteopath, Camberwell Sports & Spinal Medicine is a great choice.  Our Osteopaths are conveniently located within the Burwood Village.  Which is a local favorite.

CSSM sits at the gateway to Burwood Village.  Which is located on the corner of Toorak Road and Warrigal Road in Camberwell. Above all, car parking is easily accessed with over 150 off street carparks available within the Burwood Village.  The clinic is best access when you enter the carpark from Warrigal Road.

CSSM’s Osteopaths are active participants in the local community,  As a result they are well known amongst the Burwood Village locals. Of course they are proud to have such a strong reputation.

Our osteopaths are Government regulated allied health professionals. Meaning that they work as part of the larger health teams.  Osteopaths will use conventional medical assessments to diagnose.  In addition they will focus on how the skeleton, muscles, joints and nerves function as a whole. In other words a global approach to health.

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