PilatesFIT - RUN

Reformer Pilates with a Running Focus

Pilates FIT Run is a reformer based Pilates session with a running focus. Targeting all of the common muscle groups required to be an effective, efficient & injury free runner.

What are the benefits of Pilates FIT Run?

The many benefits of Pilates Fit Run include the following:

  • Increased muscle activation, strength & power of the leg muscles
  • Increased core stability and balance
  • Injury prevention & faster recovery from injuries
  • Overall strength & conditioning
  • Improved flexibility
  • A social network to engage with other fellow runners


What can I expect from a Pilates FIT Run class?
Classes are reformer based and run for 50 minutes. The class is focussed on targeting the core and lower body with an aim to isolate and activate those muscles commonly required for running & that play a role in common running injuries. Whilst a large focus is on abdominals and glutes the class also works on adductors, hamstrings and calves with the aim of increasing power in your running technique.


Who can do a PilatesFIT Run class?
Run Is for anyone who can or wants to run. Whether you’re a competitive runner, triathlete, weekend jogger or if running is a part of your sport Pilates Run will help you create a stronger, more flexible spine & core as well as aiming to improve the awareness of the pelvis and lower limb to make you a stronger more efficient runner.

Below is the weekly class schedule for all Pilates classes offered at CSSM. Clicking ‘BOOK THIS CLASS’ will give you the option to sign in and book if you are an existing client or create an account and book if you are a new to Pilates at CSSM.

Monday6:10amPilatesFITKim Van Hoorn
Monday07:00amPilatesFITKim Van Hoorn
Monday9:10amPilatesFITKim Van Hoorn
Monday12:00pmPilatesFIT - StretchKim Van Hoorn
Monday6:00pmPilatesFITAdele Agius
Monday7:40pmPilatesFITAdele Agius
Tuesday6:30amPilatesFITAdele Agius
Tuesday8:30amPilatesFITAdele Agius
Tuesday10:20amPilatesFIT - MoveKim Van Hoorn
Tuesday11:10amPilatesFITKim Van Hoorn
Tuesday1:00pmPilatesFITKim Van Hoorn
Tuesday6:30pmPilatesFITGrace Rutter
Wednesday8:00amPilates - StretchJade Hunt
Wednesday9:10amPilatesFITAdele Agius
Thursday12:00pmPilatesFITAdele Agius
Thursday6:00pmPilatesFITAdele Agius
Friday6:10amPilatesFITKim Van Hoorn
Friday7:10amPilatesFITKim Van Hoorn
Friday9:10amPilatesFITKim Van Hoorn
Friday10:10amPilatesFIT - MoveKim Van Hoorn
Friday11:10amPilatesFITKim Van Hoorn
Saturday7:30amPillatesFITGrace Rutter
Saturday8:30amPilatesFITGrace Rutter
Saturday9:30amPilatesFIT - StretchGrace Rutter
Sunday9:00amPilatesFIT Jade Hunt
Sunday4:00pmPilatesFIT - StretchJade Hunt


Getting Started – PilatesFIT is focussed towards general fitness and wellbeing.Clients wishing to commence PilatesFIT may do so by booking into a class directly.Pre-payment is required for all classes.
Both pay as you go and unlimited class membership options are available.

Single ClassExpires 1 month after sale date$34Buy Now
10 Class PackExpires 8 months after the first visit$311 - Save $29Buy Now
25 Class PackExpires 10 months after the first visit$712 - Save $138Buy Now
50 Class packExpires 15 months after the first visit$1161 - Save $539Buy Now
Introductory offer2 classes$34 - Save $34

Frequently asked questions


Getting started is easy.  All you need to do is Find a session time that is right for you, purchase your class credit and book in!  If you are having any trouble contact our reception team who will be only to happy to help.

PilatesFIT RUN calsses are designed for runners – and those that want to run.  So classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, flexibility and strength.  All classes are small groups allowing contact and direction from our instructors so you can be sure that you are performing each exercise safely and correctly.   Further to this exercises can be modified to suit participants with different levels of fitness and agility, so you can be sure that you get a workout to your level with every single class.

Participants attend PilatesFIT – RUN  sessions primarily to prevent injuries.  So even if you are suffering from a minor niggle you can still attend classes. However it is important to note that the goal of PilatesFIT-RUN classes is not to rehabilitate specific injuries. If you’re unsure if these classes are appropriate in your specific circumstance, please have a chat to your practitioner at the clinic.

Classes run for 50 minutes and utilise mostly reformer based exercises. Each class will be different to the last, and will incorporate both Pilates and resistance training. The aim of each class is the same, to isolate and fatigue, increasing your body’s strength and endurance. At the end of each class, there will be time to stretch to assist in recovery and improve flexibility.

It is a run class, so how about wearing what you go for a run in? Wear comfortable, gym appropriate clothing that will allow you to move freely. Please avoid overly baggy clothing as your instructor needs to see how your body is positioned and moving.
Prepare to get a little sweaty, so you may also like to bring a small hand towel and a water bottle.  Grip socks are required to be worn and can be purchased from the clinic reception.

As PilatesFIT is a general fitness program, it is generally not claimable through your private health insurance. If you have a specific injury that requires management and rehabilitation, we recommend our PIER program which does incorporate Pilates inspired exercise.