Telehealth – Getting Connected

Welcome to Telehealth

Thank you for booking a Telehealth consultation with us at CSSM.

This page takes you through a step by step guide to getting connected to our Telehealth program.

During our session we use a program called PhysiApp to host our Telehealth consultations.

We do this because PhysiApp:

  • Is easy to use.
  • Enables high quality streaming.
  • Is secure with all audio and video is encrypted for security and privacy
  • Allows us to seamlessly upload exercises from our exercise library during the consultation.
  • Enables access to activity prescriptions and outcomes.


Getting Connected in three easy steps.

STEP 1 –

Downloading the App.

To access the exercise program you can either download PhysiApp to your smart device via either the Apple Appstore or Android Play , or alternatively you can open PhysiApp if any browser HERE.

STEP 2 –

Getting Access.

Hopefully by now you have received an email titled “Your PhysiApp Access”.  Please check your junk if this in not in your inbox.

When you click on the link in the email you should be taken through the set up process.

You must agree to PhysiTrack’s Terms of Service to continue.

Once set up, you should see a black, white and orange Telehealth consultation image. Your set up is now complete.

STEP 3 –

At your appointment time.

Have PhysiApp open at the time of your appointment. This will register you as being online and ready to start your video call. Await your call to come through. Upon answering you will be asked to allow PhysiTrack to take pictures, record video and audio. Please allow.

Your video call should now connect and your Telehealth consultation can be carried out.


If you have any issues with the above steps, please do not hesitate to call us on 9889 1078 so we can talk you through the set up process. Alternatively, you can reply to this email and one of our practitioners will call you back.


Thank you for your support during this time, and we look forward to continuing to assist you with your recovery via telehealth for as long as we need to!