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If you have access to a computer, ipad or smart phone, then you have access to all of the services available at Camberwell Sports and Spinal Medicine through our virtual clinic room.


For an increasing number of patients, attending the clinic in person is becoming increasingly difficult.  If you have found yourself in isolation or are worried about attending your consultation in person, Camberwell Sports and Spinal Medicine  are proud to now offer telehealth and phone consultations.  Telehealth consultations are available with our Physiotherapy and Osteopathy practitioners.

What Are Telehealth Consultations?

Telehealth consultations are very similar to in-person health consultations, with the exception of “hands on” treatment.

All the elements of your normal face to face consultations will be will be available when we consult with you online.  We will:

  • take a full history from you, so we fully understand your condition or injury.
  • assess your movement to get an indication of how the injury is affecting you.
  • give you a diagnosis and explain to you what is going on – taking the time to answer all of your questions.
  • Take you through some self management techniques including self massage, stretches and strengthening exercises all delivered through our dedicated exercise prescription app on your phone.
  • Set you up with a plan to move forward.  With post-appointment follow-up naturally part of the process.

Meaningful Online Injury Management

Via a secure online video system we can conduct a very thorough questioning process to gain all of the relevant information we need know about your injury. From our years of clinical experience, we will be able to identify the most probable diagnosis from a well-structured subjective assessment. We can get you to show us the exact location of your pain and demonstrate any movements that may aggravate or ease your pain. We may then prompt you to perform certain movements or special tests that will help us to confirm or deny our working diagnosis, until we are confident.

After confirming the most likely diagnosis we can then educate you on your injury, and give expert advice on the best way to manage it. If we believe your injury needs onwards referral to a specialist, GP or for any scans then we can put these systems in place as well.

Our online system enables us to show you exercises, and interact live with our web browsing pages to watch relevant videos or infographics to help you further understand your injury.

We can then conduct follow up telehealth consultations to progress your exercise program, or simply communicate via a messenger/chat system for quick questions or clarifications.

Telehealth Consultations

Telehealth Consultations - Intro Offer

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How Can an Online Consultation Help With My Injury?

The reality is that “hands on” treatment is increasingly becoming a smaller portion of what is required to assist someone through rehabilitation of an injury.

Thorough education about your condition, identifying likely contributing factors from your lifestyle or previous injuries, as well as developing a well-structured and progressive exercise program are some of the most important aspects of a consultation.

Nowadays, research evidence strongly supports active rehabilitation and strengthening programs for the best long term outcomes after injury. For this reason injury management doesn’t just rely on the short term effect of hands on and passive treatment.

Practitioners of all modalities have become much better at educating and empowering patients to become more independent with the management of their injuries or pain, which in turn can help decrease the recurrence of similar injuries in the future.

How Do I Know That I Am Doing My Exercises Correctly?

The perks of technology! A telehealth consultation via your iPad, laptop or smart phone allows your camera to be entirely portable. As long as you can set up your device on a stable surface, we can follow you onto the ground and watch you doing your exercises. We can then give instant feedback on your technique, correct any errors or simply praise your perfect re-enactment!

What Do I Need To Setup Telehealth At Home Or In My Office?

Prior to conducting a telehealth appointment, we will contact you to identify if you are an appropriate candidate. If so, we will email you a link inviting you to join a telehealth consultation.

You can simply use your laptop, tablet or iPhone from the comfort of your own home. We suggest setting up your device on a stable surface so that you have your hands and body free to move around for assessment purposes if needed.

It is best to conduct a telehealth consultation in a quiet room free from distraction and background noise. You may find using ear phones result in better sound quality, but these are not mandatory.

Another thing to keep in mind is internet quality. If possible, set up where you know the internet connection is strong to minimise the chances of technical glitches. Unfortunately this is not always in our control, but we will do our best to work around poor internet connection if the issue arises.

FAQ - Telehealth Consultations


The cost of telehealth appointment does vary depending on the service being accessed.

Currently telehealth consultations receive a 10% discount on standard clinic consultation rates.

For more information please refer to our patient information page. 

  1. Just like your consultation your payment can be made online.  Prior to your appointment we will forward you a secure payment page for you to make complete. Everything is done in a secure environment via our sign in and payment page

Many of the Health Insurers are now coming online to cover telehealth consultations for Physiotherapy, however coverage for some of the other modalities will limited at this stage.  This is a rapidly changing area however so we would encourage you to call your insurance provider to check whether you are covered or not. Your receipt will have all of the details required for you to claim your rebate from your ensurer if you are covered.

Yes, As of April 2020, if you have an active management plan under any of these schemes, telehealth is covered.

We take your personal security seriously.  For this reason we do not use skype or conferencing software such as zoom for our consultations.   Our software supplier “physitrak”  is a secure platform – keeping your information encrypted and safe.


For more information on how CSSM manages your personal information please review our Privacy Policy.

Appointments for telehealth consultations can be made by calling the the clinic on 03 9889 1078 or requesting a call back via the form below..

Alternatively appointments can be made via our online portal at our website  Due to the nature of telehealth consultations, 2 hours notice is required for consultations.

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