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Vaccination Policy


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100% Vaccinated:

Camberwell Sports and Spinal Medicine is mindful that there is concern in the public about the spread of COVID-19, particularly in areas frequented by the public.

CSSM continues to prioritise the health and safety of our team and all patients during the COVID pandemic.  Mindful that in a health setting, some of our staff and/or patients may be immunocompromised or have other factors that put them at risk of adverse outcomes from COVID infection.

CSSM has documented this Vaccination Policy to support our workplace health and safety obligations whilst also maintaining accessible healthcare for our community.

Current Public Health Orders (PHO) in place in Victoria mean that patients and clients will need to be fully vaccinated to access some services in our Practice.

As a business we must follow the legal framework of the Public Health Orders regardless of any personal views on mandatory vaccination or mask wearing.

CSSM Vaccination Policy.

100% of CSSM staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

CSSM will provide services in line with Victorian Public Health Orders.  Acknowledging that the Practice faces a $109,044 for breaching a public health order.

We ask that patients validate their vaccination status so we can provide the best possible health assessment, treatment and a safe environment for patients.  Put simply, we cannot provide health care in a safe way if we are unaware of your broader health circumstances including vaccination status or a medical exemption.

Patients can validate their vaccination status here or in person when attending the clinic


All CSSM health services are available for fully vaccinated patients.  CSSM health services include Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Podiatry, Myotherapy, Remedial Massage and PiIates.

Unvaccinated Patients Attending CSSM

For unvaccinated adults, without an exemption, telehealth is the default care option.  Where telehealth is unsuitable, face to face service is available under a strict urgent care criterion but only if a negative PCR test or Rapid Antigen Test is recorded in the 24 hours prior to attending the clinic.

Unvaccinated adults, without an exemption, are unable to access group classes for PIER, Studio Pilates or PilatesFIT.

Unvaccinated visitors to CSSM must follow directions given by CSSM team members.

Unvaccinated patients with a medical exemption or who are not yet eligible for vaccination are able to access CSSM services using the standard clinic COVIDsafe protocols.

Clinic Movement Guidelines for Unvaccinated Patients.

Unvaccinated patients are at higher risk of COVID-19 infection and at greater risk of more severe symptoms if infected.  CSSM has procedures in place to transition their movements through the practice to minimise exposure to touch points and potential public exposure to protect their health and that of the community.

  • Unvaccinated patients are directed to attend appointments at quieter times in the clinic (start or end of day)


  • Patients are required to provide proof of a negative PCR test recorded in the 48 hours prior to attending the clinic. When available, this will change to a negative Rapid Antigen Test within the last 24hours prior to presenting to the clinic.  CSSM can provide Rapid Antigen Testing – cost $35.00.


  • Patients are directed to wait in their cars on arrival and contact the clinic reception (9889 1078) to receive directions.


  • At the time of their appointment – patients will be contacted and directed to enter and leave the clinic through the most suitable entrance for their consult (reception, courtyard or side door). Patients are taken directly to the treatment room without passing through reception.


  • Once treatment is complete patients are directed to exit the clinic through the Warrigal Road exit without transitioning through reception.


  • Patients will be invoiced for their session and requested to pay for their consultation through the CSSM payment portal and to make any health insurance claims online from their insurer.

For further information on the Chief Health Officer’s directions visit

Published 18th October 2021