Stage 4 is here.

How’s your #motivationmojo? If stage 4 restrictions have affected your routine and your motivation levels are fading (or non-existant) we have got your back, and abs, even your glutes!
Join us for a month of free online activities – everything you need to get your #motivationmojo back.

Our Motivation Mojo Program is running until September 27 2020 - Get yours here!

Although we are unable to run face-to-face classes, and we are running only emergency face-to-face services – we miss our community and we want to see you on the other side.

Until we meet again, we want to keep everyone moving (and let’s be honest, we have some time on our hands) so we will soon be introducing some at-home solutions to help you stay fit and active during COVID lockdown 2.0.


These include:

  • Free Online Pilates Option
  • Free Run Club Online
  • Prizes and giveaways

We will also be collaborating with our network to bring a whole spectrum of tips and life hacks on nutrition, de-stressing and getting through this period injury-free.

Keep coming back to check this page as we will be updating it with more tips and offers throughout lockdown.


Who needs some motivation mojo? There’s nothing like free stuff worth more than $800 to brighten up lockdown!

Up for grabs is:

*A 3 week nutrition program from KJ Wellness valued at $290

*A $200 @active_feet gift voucher AND 20% off for everyone who enters 

*A $300 CSSM Running Performance Pack to get your training goals back on track


To enter, all you have to do is head to our social media and tag a friend who could do with some #motivationmojo and follow @teamCSSM, @kjwellnesss and @active_feet

**Competition runs until 13 September and the winner will be announced in the following days.


How to choose the right running shoe

When it comes to buying footwear, if you listen to all the information and opinions out there on what you “should” get it’s as clear as mud! 

The main thing to remember is that everyone is different and the shoe that you choose should be specific to you. Here’s CSSM podiatrist Alicia Schifferle’s top tips for picking the right shoe for you: 

If you are a seasoned runner, have a history of injuries and shoe selection and currently injury free – you will most likely have a good idea of what works for you. Stick to it! No need to fix what is not broken. 


If you are new to running without a history of injuries or shoe choices, the best shoe to run in is the one that feels the most comfortable to you. This means making sure you try on the shoes before you buy them! Every shoe will feel a little different and it is important that you like the feel under foot


? If you have an injury, there may be specific shoes that will function better for you. For example, if you have forefoot or knee pain, a rocker style shoe will help alleviate some of the pressure. If you are recovering from posterior tibialis tendinopathy, a shoe with medial midfoot/ rearfoot correction will be an effective tool. If you have a history of achilles injuries, a shoe with a higher pitch will work in your favour.  


? Correct sizing – make sure that you have half a thumb to a full-size thumb distance between the tip of your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Most people run in half a size to a full size up when compared to their dress shoe. Width is also important! Make sure that there is enough room at the front of your shoe for your toes to splay and create a stable base. This may mean going up a width from a standard to a wide or extra wide.


? Have a second shoe – rotating your shoes throughout your weekly mileage can be an efficient training tool to allow your foot to function in different environments creating adaptability and strength through the intrinsic foot muscles. It also means your shoes will last longer!


? ? Shoes are confusing and having someone help you with the process can be extremely beneficial and will ensure that you are on the right path. Enlist in the help of a professional, whether that’s one of our CSSM practitioners or our friends at Active Feet to help you find what will work for you.  


Free Online Pilates Classes

We are so happy to be able to bring to you group Pilates sessions @home. Each day we will live stream an energetic, fun and interactive Pilates based class straight to your lounge room. These classes will be offered free to all our CSSM Pilates community.

To participate in either of these class formats you will need:

• A clear area at home that allows you to lay out a mat (if you have one) or a comfy bit of carpet (2mx2m should be enough)

• A device that has internet connection, speakers, microphone and camera. A smart phone, iPad, desktop or laptop should be sufficient.

We will be conducting these classes using the Microsoft Teams application.

For our Free group sessions please click on the attached link for each class on the timetable below.

If you do not have Microsoft Teams that is ok; the link will provide the details for you to easily download the app to your device or you can access through your browser. However, if you want a head start you can download here.

Free Online Pilates Timetable


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