Pilates Changes - July 2022

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Pilates Classes have changed

We have some exciting news to share!

We have been working hard to upgrade our systems and are ready to make some important changes to the Pilates and Clinical Exercise program at CSSM.

Most importantly these changes will effect how you –

1) Book into classes
2) Pay for classes


1) Booking into classes

We will be closing down the Mindbody portal  on Sunday 17th July and moving to our new system. This will mean that the CSSM APP will also be suspended.

All classes from Monday 18th July will need to be booked through the booking portal on the CSSM website.  This is the same portal you will use to book your standard Physio / Osteo / Myo appointments and is super user friendly.

Go to www.cssm.com.au/appointments and choose the group appointments tab.

This portal will allow you to:
1) Book multiple classes at the same time
2) Set up an account so you can get a summary of your appointments, cancel and reschedule appointments 24 hours, 7 days a week.
3) It will also allow us to invoice as we go – which will make claiming easier for those sessions that qualify.


2) Paying for classes

With the move away from the Mindbody environment we will also change the way you can purchase classes.  We have set up an online store on our website – www.cssm.com.au/buy – where you can purchase credit for all of the group sessions available at CSSM in a more streamlined process.

As always, if doing things online is not suitable for you,  you can still  purchase Pilates credit from the team at reception.

We hope these changes will enhance the services we offer at CSSM by simplifying the administration  process and making things more user friendly.

Please let us know if you are having difficulty accessing the new systems.

PS. YES! All of your existing Credit will be transferred across to the new platform!

P.P.S. YES! All of your future appointments will be transferred across to the new platform as well.