Vacancy – Sports Trainer

Join the team at CSSM in keeping The Animals uncaged!

Emmaus St. Leo’s Old Collegians Football Club (“The club”) has two senior mens teams and one womens team playing in the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA).

Camberwell Sports and Spinal Medicine has been a long term supporter of The Animals and we keen to support them in finding some top class trainers to help them out at training and match day.

Get some hands on experience and receive guidance from the team at CSSM.  Ideal for any Physio or Osteo students keen to build some skills (and get paid for it).  Nothing looks better on your Resume than hands-on industry experience.




The Role

The club is looking to offer Sports Trainer internships for its Tuesday and Thursday training sessions at Bennettswood Reserve and its home-and-away Saturday afternoon match day program. The primary role of the club’s Sports Trainers is to apply their knowledge and skills to help make training and match games safer for the players. Sports Trainers conduct assessments of player fitness and injuries, and implement appropriate injury prevention regimes, or initial post-injury stabilisation, management and referral to the club doctor.

The club’s head Sports Trainer is Phil O’Donoghue who is an accredited Level 2 Sports Trainer with Sports Medicine Australia (the website has much useful information for Sports Trainers).  Phil oversees the rostering, training/mentoring and performance monitoring of the club’s trainers at training and on game-day.  The medical support roles provided by Sports Trainers include strapping, rubdowns and on-field injury and fitness recovery assessments.  You will also be overseen by club doctor Glen Davis and the support staff at Camberwell Sports and Spinal Medicine.


Experience & Qualifications

The club seeks a Level 2 Sports Trainer to support the management of the club’s sports trainer program, or an experienced Level 1 Sports Trainer who is looking to complete Level 2 accreditation.

Additionally, the club seeks Level 1 Sports Trainers who ideally will be engaged in sports medicine and fitness or related careers, or are university students enrolled in related studies with an interest in gaining first-hand experience in Sports Training.

The club will also consider recruiting junior/trainee Sports Trainers, who are in process of completing their Level 1 STC.  Trainees will provide voluntary on-field support roles on match day until their certification is complete, whereupon they will commence  their sponsored Sports Trainer duties.  The club will also make contribution towards a trainee’s STC fee, or towards Sports Trainer’s ongoing reaccreditation fees.


To Apply

For more information, please contact Cam Gardner at “The Club” on 0429 598 887 or