Pilates – Booking Guidelines

Pilates Goes 1:1

Your Guide to Booking Your 1:1 Sessions

Due to social distance changes announced by the Prime Minister as a result on the COVID-19 pandemic. CSSM are not currently offering group Pilates, group studio or group PIER sessions.  We know that many of you are eager to maintain your exercise and rehabilitation programs through this time, to facilitate this and to ensure that we maintain your health an safety as a priority, we are moving all Pilates sessions to 30 minute 1 to 1 sessions.

You can access you 1:1 sessions by using your existing Pilates credit.  To purchase future credit please continue to use the CSSM/ Mindbody App or the cssm website.  .

This change is effective immediately.

To co-ordinate bookings after these changes we will be managing these sessions through our Clinic Booking Gateway we will no longer be using Mindbody to book Pilates sessions.  ⠀

To book your 1:1 session please follow the instructions below.

PilatesFIT & Studio Pilates Appointments

STEP 1 –

Go to the CSSM appointments pagewww.cssm.com.au/appointments

Select “Book Online Pilates”

STEP 2 –

Select Pilates 1:1

STEP 3 –

Select your Instructor.

STEP 4 –

Select your session type.  PilatesFIT or Studio Pilates.

STEP 5 –

Select your session time.  The booking portal will select some times for you.  However you can tailor the selections by selecting morning, afternoon or evening.

STEP 6 –

Enter your details.

STEP 7 –

Job Done!  You should receive a confirmation email from us to confirm your appointment.


See you at your session.