Myotherapist & Remedial Massage

After growing up in France, it wasn’t until Julien moved to Australia that he discovered myotherapy. He was drawn to myotherapy for its hands-on approach to the treatment of muscular conditions and its focus on injury prevention. “I felt it was a great way to help people to get better, to return to the lifestyle they want.”

Julien sees many different types of injuries ranging from neck and lower back pain to chronic conditions and acute injuries. He focuses on working together to find techniques specific for each individual to maintain positive habits and feel in control of their bodies once more.

“I’m particularly interested in the relationship between posture and neck conditions leading to headaches. I also like working on the hip. The kicking motion involving the hip flexors particularly intrigues me.”

Despite having worked with elite athletes such as the Melbourne United Basketball Team, Julien’s interests go beyond the sporting field. He is interested in promoting the sensible ergonomic and postural habits that affect our everyday activities. “I hope to continue and find new ways to make a difference to my patients’ lives.”

When he’s not at work, Julien enjoys watching movies, going to concerts with his partner and long walks with his Scottish terrier Aunt Agatha. “After living most of my life in Paris, I love how much space we have here!”

He also enjoys playing soccer and follows Paris Saint Germaine. The CSSM team is doing their best to influence Julien’s AFL team selection!