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Free Foot Checks @ CSSM

One of the triggers for foot pain is often a change in activity or a change in footwear as we transition from harder, dry grounds into the wet, winter slog.

Too often at CSSM we see patients who present with longstanding foot pain. Invariably this pain starts as a little niggle, which progresses to discomfort that doesn’t go away and eventually can become quite painful and disabling.

We understand when people say, “It didn’t seem too bad so I didn’t bother to get it checked out,” however identifying issues before they become a problem is a key philosophy of CSSM. With this in mind, Camberwell Sports & Spinal Medicine is giving you the opportunity to quiz our experts and receive a Free Foot Check. It’s time to get those little niggles checked out!

The Free Foot Checks are conducted by our Podiatry team and involves a half an hour assessment including a detailed biomechanical and video gait analysis. Suitable for children and adults alike, these sessions are focused on giving the participant a clear understanding of how their feet function, outlining any evident biomechanical issues, potential causes to these problems and suggestions on appropriate management options – all with a written report. Designed to answer any questions that you may have, we can also give other specific advice regarding shoe selection and self-management of conditions relating to the foot and ankle complex. This will all be provided free of charge with no obligation.

Servicing the general public and athletes from recreational to elite, our podiatrists pride themselves on providing management with measurable outcomes. They are our Foot and Ankle experts.


Free Foot Checks are available until August 4th 2019.


Sessions are by appointment only, with only limited spaces available each day. Appointments for Free Foot Checks can only be made by calling the clinic on 9889 1078. Free Foot Check Appointments cannot be made online.


Welcome Podiatrist - Alicia Schifferle

Alicia Schifferle - Podiatry and Orthotics Camberwell

This month we welcome Aliicia Schifferle to CSSM

As a podiatrist, Alicia has an understanding of the vast range of musculoskeletal injuries that occur in the foot and leg as well as the most appropriate and effective treatment approaches for each individual patient.  Motivated to improve every patients’ quality of life, by assessing the cause of pain and designing a treatment plan to prevent future problems. Alicia firmly believes that healthy feet equal a healthy life.

Alicia graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Podiatric Practice. These qualifications together with an extensive history in sporting footwear retail, underpin Alicia’s comprehensive knowledge of feet and footwear, and have given her a broad experience in determining the best footwear choices for each patient.

When not at CSSM, Alicia works in Monash Health, in an acute podiatry setting with a clinical focus on wound assessment and treatment as well as managing lower limb diabetic complications.

Whilst knowledgeable in all types of podiatric care, Alicia does have a particular interest in sport related injuries and the relationship between foot mechanics and performance or injury.

Having an active sporting background this is where Alicia’s passion for biomechanics and movement developed, giving her the understanding of how injury can impact one’s performance and the importance of an individualised treatment and rehabilitation program.


In her down time Alicia can be found pounding the footpaths in training for her next running adventure or playing Aussie Rules or netball or punching out a Pilates class with her friends just for fun.  You won’t find her standing still!


The Fine Print

  • This offer of a free foot check is obligation and commitment free.
  • The purpose of the Free Foot Check offer is to welcome new Podiatrist, Alicia Schifferle, to our team and to allow our community to experience the Podiatry services at Camberwell Sports & Spinal Medicine.
  • The Free Foot Check offer is available for a single use only.
  • Appointment must be made in person. Participants are not able to book a free foot check online.
  • The offer is for a free foot check, which involves a basic assessment and discussion of treatment options. The offer does not include specific Poditary treatment as part of the free foot check.
  • To be eligible for this offer you must book your appointment prior to 31st July 2019.
  • The Free Foot Check is only available at our Camberwell Clinic, 1431-1433 Toorak Road Camberwell 3124.
  • In the event of a dispute, The decision of Camberwell Sports & Spinal Medicine is final.
  • Camberwell Sports & Spinal Medicine reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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