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PilatesFIT - Mums & Bubs

PilatesFIt Mums & Bubs classes use a gentle, non-invasive approach specifically targeted to woman post-natal in a safe environment with other mums and bubs. The class focusses on pelvic floor, body awareness, core stability & strength as well as whole body strength & conditioning. Exercises are based around our pilates apparatus but also combines matwork, foam rollers & swiss balls.

What are the benefits of Pilates Mums and Bubs

What are the benefits of Pilates Mums & Bubs
• Improve post-natal recovery
• Rehabilitation of abdominals and pelvic floor muscles
• Restore muscle tone, posture and whole body strength
• Reduce back & pelvic pain
• Reduce stress & improve self esteem
• A fun, social class you can do with your baby in tow.

What can I expect from a Mums and Bubs Class?

Our classes run for 50 minutes and are small, fun & low impact that strengthens the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, improve your wellbeing, reduce the physical impact pregnancy has on your body and help you return to activity following the birth of your bub

Who Can Do a Mums and Bubs Pilates class?

Pilates Mums & Bubs is suitable for new mums as soon as 6 weeks after birth. Classes are designed by our team of Physios, Osteopaths and Pilates Instructors and exercises can be modified to suit the individual mum. No need to worry about the baby sitter, the greatest thing is that the Bubs can come too and you can supervise and exercise at the same time.


Returning to exercise after a pregnancy can have complications. We ask that new participants in Mums & Bubs Pilates sessions please attend for an appointment with a Physiotherapist prior to commencing a Pilates program.

Pilates is a form of exercise and rehabilitation that involves resistance exercise, stretches and dynamic movements designed to lengthen, strengthen, and align the body. These can be performed on a mat or using specialised Pilates equipment such as a reformer.

Regular Pilates practice aims to improve overall body awareness, posture, flexibility, strength, balance and muscle control. Pilates can also help you recover from injury, improve balance and coordination, and decrease the likelihood of re-injury.

Ultimately, Pilates aims to enable the body to move freely and efficiently during daily activities, occupations and sports. We have clients who are office workers who would like to address their niggly back pain through to elite runners who use Pilates to improve their running technique and prevent complaints such as hip pain due to muscle fatigue.

Below is the weekly class schedule for all Pilates classes offered at CSSM. Clicking ‘BOOK THIS CLASS’ will give you the option to sign in and book if you are an existing client or create an account and book if you are a new to Pilates at CSSM.


Getting Started – PilatesFIT is focussed towards general fitness and wellbeing.Clients wishing to commence PilatesFIT may do so by booking into a class directly.Pre-payment is required for all classes.
Both pay as you go and unlimited class membership options are available.

Introductory Offer
5 class pack
For those new to PilatesFIT, single purchase only.
Expires 2 months after the first visit
Single Class Expires 1 month after sale date $28
10 Class Pack Expires 8 months after the first visit $240
20 Class Pack Expires 8 months after the first visit $450
Unlimited Fit Membership Unlimited PilatesFIT classes $50pw

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Frequently asked questions


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MUMS and BUBS classes cater for all individuals, with all classes providing thorough support and guidance from your instructor. However returning to exercise after a pregnancy can have complications. We ask that new partcipants in Mum’s & Bubs sessions please attend for an appointment with a Physiotherapist prior to commencing a Pilates program.

If you are having ongoing problems following your pregnancy, you  may need greater attention that what is available in a mums and bubs classes.  In this scenario Pre and post natal physiotherapy services may be more appropriate.

Classes run for 50 minutes and utilise mostly reformer based exercises. Each class will be different to the last, and will incorporate both Pilates and resistance training. The aim of each class is the same, to isolate and fatigue, increasing your body’s strength and endurance. At the end of each class, there will be time to stretch to assist in recovery and improve flexibility.

Wear comfortable, gym appropriate clothing that will allow you to move freely. Please avoid overly baggy clothing as your instructor needs to see how your body is positioned and moving.
Prepare to get a little sweaty, so you may also like to bring a small hand towel and a water bottle.  Grip socks are required to be worn and can be purchased from the clinic reception.

As PilatesFIT is a general fitness program, it is generally not claimable through your private health insurance. If you have a specific injury that requires management and rehabilitation, we recommend our PIER program or our Post-natal physiotherapy services which may incorporate Pilates inspired exercise.

Due to the nature of these classes, pre-payment for sessions is required. The easiest way to purchase and book classes is online via our website. You can choose to purchase single classes or cost effective multi-class packs.