Our pre-pointe strengthening classes are designed to prepare the dancer for pointe work.  Classes include strengthening exercises for feet, legs and core muscles.  We include stretches for flexibility and all in a group setting aimed at young dancers.

Our studio is fully equipped for dance with barre, mirrors and sprung dance floor.  We have six pilates reformers; so classes will involve a combination of exercise on the reformers as well as at the barre.

What Do I Wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing that you would wear for any dance class.  This may include tights and leotard and don’t forget your dance shoes.

How many students per class??

There will be no more than six students per class to allow our practitioners to observe each student’s technique and make adjustments where necessary.

What happens after the six week block?

The classes are designed to prepare the dancer for dancing  en pointe.  After the six week block of classes the students will be recommended to make a time with the podiatrist for a ‘pre-pointe assessment review’.  This is conducted with one student at a time to perform and measure a full range of exercises.  The student will then be given feedback that they are ready to begin dance classes or recommended to continue working on any areas where they still have weakness.  A further  review appointment may be required in some circumstances.

Who will my Instructors be?

Our pre-pointe strengthening classes form part of our Practitioner Instructed Exercise Rehabilitation program (PIER).  Meaning that classes will be run by our experienced team of Practitioners including Podiatrist Genevieve Scott and Pilates Instructor Kim Van Hoorn who is a former Osteopath and dance teacher.



Our Pointe Preparation Classes are suitable for all ages and levels of ability. If you wish to enrol in CSSM’s PIER programme the first step is to arrange a Pre-Pointe Assessment with the team at CSSM.  From there we can design a program for your needs.   Your initial program can be arranged at reception or by calling 9889 1078.


Pointe Preparation Classes are held before and after school and on weekends to fit in around school and other dance classes.

A new round of Pre-Pointe Preparation Classes will be  commencing soon.  Should you wish to enroll your child into the next program or have an inquiry please fill out the inquiry form below.

Whilst we work closely with many Dance Schools in Melbourne and other helath practitioners seeking the best care for their dancers, a referral is not necessary. Pre-Pointe programs are a supplement to programs already happening within your dance classes. To book into the program simply make an appointment with Camberwell Sports & Spinal Medicine directly by calling 9889 1078.

During your initial assessment your practitioner will: – Take a thorough history to gain an understanding of your condition and circumstances that could have lead to your condition – Examine your body and movement to identify the type, source, and cause of symptoms – Form a clinical impression of your condition and discuss this with you – Devise an exercise plan with your input.  Client involvement in treatment and rehabilitation choices is encouraged and involves education about home management strategies.

Within your initial assessment you will also learn basic rehabilitation concepts and exercises which are then reinforced in your follow up private sessions.  Once your PIER Starter Pack is complete, you can then continue with private sessions or progress into a suitable group class.

Private Sessions: These are particularly valuable when you are just beginning PIER, as you have the full attention of your practitioner throughout the whole 30 minute session.

Group Sessions: In a group session, your practitioner will guide participants through their individual programs. Group sessions are efficient and economical, allowing you to have a personalised program with active instruction, whilst maintaining affordability.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move and stretch fully. Please avoid overly baggy clothing as your instructors need to see how your body is positioned and moving.  Something along the lines of a singlet and shorts is ideal. CSSM requires participants to wear grip socks when using Pilates equipment.  These can be purchased from reception if required.  Appropriate footwear may be required for other equipment.

For your comfort always bring a water bottle and towel when attending your sessions.

This cost of each six week program of exercises is $195 per child.

Most Funds will cover Exercise Therapy when prescribed and supervised by a health practitioner for the management of injury.

The rebate from your health fund varies depending on your insurer and level of cover, so it is best to check the details of your policy with your Health Fund.

Multi-class packs are paid in full at the time of purchase.  Itemised receipts will be issued at the completion of your class pack to ensure simple claiming with your insurer.

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