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Pilates is a form of exercise and rehabilitation that involves resistance exercise, stretches and dynamic movements designed to lengthen, strengthen, and align the body. These can be performed on a mat or using specialised Pilates equipment such as a reformer.

Regular Pilates practice aims to improve overall body awareness, posture, flexibility, strength, balance and muscle control. Pilates can also help you recover from injury, improve balance and coordination, and decrease the likelihood of re-injury.

Ultimately, Pilates aims to enable the body to move freely and efficiently during daily activities, occupations and sports. We have clients who are office workers who would like to address their niggly back pain through to elite runners who use Pilates to improve their running technique and prevent complaints such as hip pain due to muscle fatigue.

COVID -19 UPDATE – Due to the current Stage 3 Solial Distancing provisions CSSM has suspended all group Pilates sessions.  Including PIER, Studio and PilatesFIT sessions.

PIER and Clinical Pilates 1:1 30 minute sessions are still available.  Read below for more detail about these Session types.

As a courtesy – Pilates credit for PilatesFIT and Studio Pilates can be used to access Pilates 1:1 Sessions for the interim.

At CSSM Pilates available as part of the PIER program, instructed by our Physiotherapy team and our Pilates 1:1 Stream, instructed by our Osteopathy, Myotherapy and Allied Heath Assistant teams.

PIER – Practitioner Instructed Exercise Rehabilitation

PIER is Studio Based Exercise with a rehabilitation focus, for current or existing injuries or for those who would like a slower, personalised focus. Clients have a targeted program based on their individual health goals and guided by the extent of injury or ability. Health Insurance rebates may be available for this class type (Physio item code 560). Please note, to join a Clinical Pilates class it is a requirement that you complete a Clinical Pilates Starter Pack, involving an Initial Assessment and 2 private sessions. This can be organised by phoning the clinic to make an appointment.

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Pilates 1:1

Pilates 1:1 sessions are designed for those clients wanting to maintain and improve muscle strength and conditioning. Pilates 1;1 sessions are based on the principles of Clinical Pilates, or for those wanting to prevent a previous injury from reoccurring. Studio classes involve an individualised program with progression introduced as required. Please note, it is a requirement that you complete an Initial Assessment prior to commencing 1:1 Pilates program. This can be organised by phoning the clinic to make an appointment or by booking a Private Studio Pilates Session online.

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Below is the weekly class schedule for all Pilates classes offered at CSSM. Clicking ‘BOOK THIS CLASS’ will give you the option to sign in and book if you are an existing client or create an account and book if you are a new to Pilates at CSSM.

PIER – Practitioner Instructed Exercise Rehabilitation

Getting Started – PIER is focussed towards injury rehabilitation and management. Clients starting Clinical Pilates must first complete a Clinical Pilates Starter Pack involving an Initial Assessment and 2 subsequent private sessions prior to booking into a Clinical Pilates group session. Contact our team at the clinic to arrange your initial Pilates assessment.

Clinical Pilates Starter Pack An Initial Assessment and 2 x private sessions $280 Phone Clinic
Single Class Expires 1 month after sale date $56
5 Class Pack Expires 2 months after the first visit $250
10 Class Pack Expires 4 months after the first visit $470
25 Class pack Expires 12 months after the first visit $1000

Pilates 1:1

Getting Started – Pilates 1:1 is focused on injury rehabilitation, strength and conditioning. Clients wishing to enter Pilates 1:1 group sessions, who aren’t transferring from PIER, must complete an Initial Assessment prior to entering a Pilates 1:1 session.  Clients moving from PIER can transition directly into a Pilates 1:1 session. Contact our team to arrange your Initial Assessment.

Plates 1:1 Expires 1 month after sale date $29.50
10 Session Pack Expires 2 months after the first visit $255
20 Session Pack Expires 6 months after the first visit $470
50 Class pack Expires 14 months after the first visit $925

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    CSSM’s Pilates studio is equipped with state of the art Pilates Apparatus including refomers, wunda chair and trapeze table.  Our Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformers are innovative, sleek and modern.

    They feature:

    • SoftTouch Rope System with double loops that are simple and easy to adjust
    • EasySet footbar allowing multiple position options up and down the reformer frame
    • Quick install padded jumpboard
    • Removable shoulder rests
    • Spring collar for comfortable spring changes
    • Wide secure standing platform with non-slip surface
    • Adjustable padded footstrap

    These reformers are designed to maximise smooth transitions, flowing workouts , creativity and innovation.

    Our Pilates Team


    the CSSM App.

    Download our new App and you will have palm of your hand access to all of CSSM’s services.  Pilates timetables, clinic appointments, and a portal to your own Pilates account to make booking and purchasing classes so much easier.Most of you would be familiar with using the generic Mindbody App which would allow you limited access to booking/cancelling classes and purchasing packs however our new app is set to be MUCH more user friendly with MUCH more capability, tailored to suit the needs of our clients.

    In addition to purchasing class packs and booking classes you will be able to sign up for memberships, make recurrent class bookings, check waitlisted classes, be alerted to clinic notifications and much more!

    The app can be downloaded by simply clicking on the links below or by searching for Camberwell Sports and Spinal Medicine in either the App Store (iphone) or Google Play (Android).